Theft Prevention

How can I Protect Motorcycle from Theft?

Just because your motorbike has never been stolen doesn’t guarantee it will never happen today. Motorcycles of various types are stolen from a variety of locations. Protect Motorcycle from Theft of all sizes, from full-sized touring bikes to soft little beaters, are prone to be stolen into the back of a van.

Motorcycle collecting spots, exhibitions, races, rallies, charity rides, and other similar events are frequently targeted. Motorcycles are riskier in cities, although we’ve also heard of bikes being taken from farm buildings. The truth is that everyone is vulnerable to theft, whether they are aware of it or not. Today in this guide, we will tell you how you can protect your Motorcycle from Theft.

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Motorcycle security Protect  Motorcycle from Theft

How to Prevent Motorcycle The from the thieves

A thief will be less likely to target your bike if it is not visible. If you don’t have access to a garage, keep it covered. Knowing what’s underneath complicates determining the difficulty of taking it and whether it’s even a bike they want. Protecting your motorcycle with a non-branded cover hides what’s underneath.

Lock Your Steering Lock

Although easily bypassed, your bike’s steering lock might act as the first line of defense, preventing easy moving. It’s even better if your key and steering locks are separate, requiring the thief to break two locks to get away with your motorcycle.

Keep Your Lock off The Ground

If you utilize a lock, don’t leave it on the floor, where a thief is more likely to gain enough strength to break it. The thief won’t have the extra power to push the lock open if it’s attached high and away from the ground. The lock or chain should be fastened to the frame rather than the fork or wheel, which is less preferable.

Lock Your Motorcycle to Something Heavy

While a disc lock may annoy thrill-seekers, committed thieves may easily lift such a bike into a waiting truck. You may make it more threatening by adding a cord and anchoring it to something substantial. Even inside garages, motorcycles should be secured.

Use Multiple Locks on Your Bike

In contrast to your bike’s built-in lock, it’s preferable to use two or more locks of different sorts. Although your motorcycle has been monitored, a thief is unlikely to be ready to handle several types of locks. If one of them secures the bike to anything immovable, a gang will be unable to transport it to a truck.

Buy Quality Locks and Chains

Regarding security, go for the best: Alarm disc locks, robust steel U-locks, and symmetrical chains with a diameter of 5/8 inch or higher are all highly rated and Protect Motorcycle from Theft.

Install a Hidden Kill Switch

If you’re serious about preventing the bad guys, install a kill switch or a spring-loaded switch that must be kept down while the start button is pressed. Several riders have avoided attempted thefts when parking their motorcycles by simply disconnecting the primary fuse.

Alarm Your Bike

Motorcycle Alarms may appear to be an intelligent method to draw attention to the fact that someone is trying to steal your bike, but most people have become so addicted to false alarms that they don’t inquire or even look. However, everyone is drawn to noises of catastrophe, such as smashing glass. When a massive stack of beer bottles with a trip wire is turned over, it generates a noise that everyone will examine.

keep an Eye On Things

Professional thieves frequently track down the motorcycles they wish to steal by following them to their parking spots during the day or night. Then they evaluate the risks and return with everything they require to secure the motorbike. So, keep an eye on your mirrors for several blocks as you enter your destination, especially if it’s home.

If you think someone is following you, attempt to get away from them by pulling over and letting them pass, doing a U-turn or going around the block. Anyone who continues to follow you is most likely causing you problems. Don’t go home, to work, or university until you’ve gotten rid of them.


In today’s world, as two-wheeler security systems improve, criminals become more sophisticated, placing your motorcycle at risk of theft at all times. While being vigilant and taking measures are essential for your motorcycle’s safety.

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What is the best way to secure a motorcycle?

Use a chain lock through the back wheel to secure a motorcycle

What is a lock for on the side of a motorcycle?

A gridlock is a prominent motorcycle anti-theft device that attaches to the grip in the front brake of a motorcycle.

Can you lock wheels on a motorcycle?

Attach u or chain lock around the rear wheel, the frame and the bike rack as above.