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Best Dirt Bike Boots for Trail Riding and Off-Roading

When you participate in motocross or trail riding, you probably spend a fair amount of time on the trails. Why not? Some of the greatest adventures come from riding in the desert with other friends. But if you’re having a crazy adventure, you better be prepared, especially in the Best Dirt Bike Boots section!

The Best Dirt Bike Boots for Trail Riding and Off-Roading

  1. Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro
  2. Forma Terrain TX Enduro
  3. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS
  4. Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road
  5. O’Neal Rider Boot
  6. Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro
  7. Gaerne SG-12

As you look for the best trail riding boots, consider how much protection the shoes have, the level of support, the quality of the running shoes, and the overall length of the shoe.

Alpinestars, Sidi, and Gaerne are all offering quality leather dirt bike shoes, but we’ll take a closer look at these and other shoes.

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1. Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro - Best Dirt Bike Boots

The best competitors in dirt bike boots are Alpinestars dirt bikes, but the Tech 7 Enduro boots come with a shot that makes sure they work in this category of best dirt bike boots for off-road bikes.

If you want to take a closer look, you can find them on the Alpinestars website.


Now the Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boots has some notable upgrades like Tech 10.

With a superior TPU finish on the boot, the Tech 7 Enduro boot has another built-in feature for your ultimate protection. The boot consists of a contoured protective calf lining that is injected with a high modulus polymer for high protection.

The shoe from Alpinestars has a specially developed running style that allows you to be more flexible while running while helping to prevent hypertension or hyperbaric pressure.


The Tech 7 Enduro boots have steel studs in the trunk for support and side support while driving.

These shoes also have two pairs combined which provide good comfort and support for your feet as you walk. There is no such thing as driving vs. pain.


The design of these shoes is in my opinion somewhat based on the bikes I saw paired and made these flexible shoes for trail riding.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro shoes have a beautiful Enduro design that has large flaps that slide on and off the bike. What I really like about these locks is that they are on the narrow side more than any other riding shoe I have seen. But they still provide a good grip for any hike you plan to take the bike off.

The ankle joint is also a large part of the foot. With a two-bedroom apartment, this extra grip is great and controllable when riding your motorcycle.


Thanks to the fantastic outsole in these boots, you keep turning the ball and the entire outsole can be changed as needed. But another unique feature of this outsole is that the footrest inserts can also be replaced.

I find the replaceable foot pads a big advantage when I buy an Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boot, as the footpads are where the boots wear a lot. I want a comfortable grip on the turns. I’m sure you are too.

2. Forma Terrain TX Enduro

Forma Terrain TX Enduro - Best Dirt Bike riding boots

Forma is a relatively new company in dirt bike boots, but they have provided a new aggressive response to the rider’s need for durable and practical off-road boots. Terrain TX Enduro Forma Boot is a good example of this principle, as it is an improved version of some of the existing Forma boots.


TX Enduro Shape Terrain Boots are suitable for heavier walks that can be taken on trails; Because of this, these boots have many excellent protective features, which should be noted.

TX Enduro boots protect against injection molded plastics and polyurethane nylon plastics; therefore the exterior is very dark. In the trunk, things get a little bolder.

Forma boots have a soft polymer coating that helps absorb energy from impact and help protect your feet, ankles, and feet from injury.


The support this shoe provides is extensive and hidden. The stainless steel is supposed to provide strength and structure to the shoe.

The shoe also has the important FCS articulation system to help support your ankle as you walk in the same direction and trails as you ride. Essentials are a very important factor in any riding bike anywhere, and Forma doesn’t hide this important fact here.

It was an important revelation that I had never seen this kind of opportunity for the rider to purchase a pair of indoor boots and shoes. Many shoes come with this type of support, but if you need an extra ankle, this is the perfect option for you.

My advice, if you are going to be buying both shoes and boots, make sure you have the right size shoes for the support program.


This shoe from Forma has an Enduro anti-slip rubber strap. Not only does it appear all the time when you are riding to move and stop a bike, but it also helps when you are done ride on a flat or muddy surface.

With a solid fly attached to this shoe, you are sure to be able to find it wherever you go.


Adventure riding is a difficult thing, but it’s fun, and the Forma Terrain TX Enduro boots can handle it. 

One thing is that these straps are made from these shoes so that they don’t fall off quickly in the event of a serious problem. This is a big surprise to me because the most common reason for riding shoes is that the buckle falls off or completely falls off while rolling and needs to be replaced. This is no longer a big problem with these Forma Enduro shoes.

The PU suede heat shield is also a good feature in these shoes as it protects the bike from excessive heat and helps reduce downtime.

3. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS

SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boots -Best off-road Bike Boots

Sidi is one of the best brands available in the dirt bike moto gears market. The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boot is Sidi’s flagship product and strengthens the company’s reputation for providing superior quality, Support, and durability to other dirt bike boots on the market.


Sidi does not easily use the protection features of the Crossfire 2 SRS boot. The boots are completely surrounded by a beautiful TPU panel, which serves as great protection against roots, boulders, tree branches, or anything else that happens while traveling.

I especially liked the replaceable paneling on the inside of my leg. These panels are here to protect your feet (and boots) from the damage that can occur if your foot slips off the pedal by preventing most of the vulnerability of the inner foot.

The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS also has a dual-link system for ankle support and protection, This system allows you to make the turn you want when walking down a path, but it also protects your ankle from overload and fractures.


Sidi Crossfire boots do not have a built-in boot system like other dirt bike boots, but it does not affect the support these boots provide to the foot and ankle.

In fact, slimness is delivered this way due to the absence of boots that hug the ankles, keep them in their natural position and feel accessible to you when you make multiple shifts and teeth on the hike.

Sidi Crossfire also offers a portable dome stand. I do not know about you, but I think it’s a great feature to switch to a different dome mount (if available) to keep riders comfortable during their adventures and climbing.


The sole of this Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boot is quite unique compared to other dirt bike boots I have seen.

The replacement mount (SRS) consists of a base that is held in place by several flat screws; This was done for practical purposes which I found extraordinary.

If you find that the soleplate is replaceable, you can purchase the base yourself and replace it yourself by loosening and re-tightening the screws.

These boots come with (and can be replaced with) a motocross sole or an enduro sole. Either of these insoles is a great choice with lots of grips. Obviously, the enduro sole will have more grip for driving.


Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS shoes offer exceptional resistance. It is easy to replace almost all parts of these boots, from the TPU safety table to the wrist sole.

I really liked this part, because to be honest, these shoes are a little bigger than the world of dirty metal shoes. But considering the amazing features of these shoes and how to replace them, I take these shoes as appropriate.

These shoes have to withstand many difficult journeys over the years.

4. Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road Boots

Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road - best motocross boots

Fox Racing has a good reputation for top-notch racing shoes, and with good reason. The Fox Racing Instinct off-road boot is one of my personal favorites from this company.

I can say that you definitely won’t be disappointed with these boots because of the quality, protection, and overall comfort they offer.


Let’s start with this hardcore. The Fox Racing Instinct off-road boot has good protection that I’ve never seen on any other dirt bike boot at this level.

There is a hinge locking system on the back of the Instinct Offroad shoe. Why is this a great feature? Fox Racing designed this hinge locking system to prevent you from over-stretching your ankle (a common injury in mountain bikers) when you jump off the track.

The idea is that when you remove it, the boot gives you the flexibility you want, but the hinge locking system stops the available movement when it stretches too far, preventing hypotension in your ankle veins.

Another great protective feature worth mentioning is the full toe box. Well, this is not an insurance measure for your feet, but it certainly helps protect your feet from sharp roots and rough stones in the trails you walk. To go.


The outer part of the Instinct Off-Road shoe is unique to Fox Racing and will surely impress you. The large, open-ear pattern on the base is specifically designed to provide great traction on the pedals when getting off the bike, walking around, or lifting the motorcycle.

But if you’re not a fan of thick soles, you can always try standard Fox Racing Instinct boots, which are the same quality but have a softer sole.


Fox Racing shoes are known for their instant comfort and short life. So if you’re looking for a good shoe while you’re protecting, Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road boots are a good choice for you.


Fox Racing Instinct shoes have great durability. In particular, Fox Duratec rubber compounds that form soles and wooden covers are specially designed to be durable. The Duratec material offers excellent traction and protects the feet from the rippling exhaust from the motorcycle.

Fox Racing has also taken precautions to protect the more sensitive parts of the shoe, such as buckles. At the bottom of the buckle, for example, is a raised TPU piece that serves as protection against a fall or shock; raising the TPU gets the weight down, not your buckle.

5. O’Neal Rider Boot

O’Neal rider boots for off roading and motocross riders

O’Neal is a dirt bike boot manufacturer that has been passionate about quality dirt bike boots for decades. I know what they are going to do when it comes to dirt bike boots, and O’Neal Rider boots will show you that.


Let’s talk about the main points. O’Neal Rider boots are an economical part of the O’Neal series, but there’s no reason to ignore the incredible safety of the footwear offered along the way.

O’Neal Rider shoes have molded all the plastic tiles on the floor to provide protection against fear during the trip. The foot, heel, and hip are covered with TPU to protect some of the hard parts of the foot, exposing various obstacles along the way.


In addition to the durable Goodyear soles, O’Neal Rider shoes have many great features that make these shoes stand out.

A great feature that I always appreciate is that the dirt bike shoe has a lot of safety along with the lowest bundle. This guard is responsible for carrying the load when you fall or experience other emotions.

The result is another cover for a hassle-free life with less money coming out of your pocket to replace it.

Another beautifully durable material is a synthetic leather tag that attaches to the side of the shoe.

Not only does this give the bike a better grip, but the light resistance of the synthetic material makes it clear that the shield will be stronger in different summers.


This boot provides great support for the rider while on the trail. The boot itself is supported and maintained with a metal insert.

This helps to keep the boots in shape and therefore supports your movement by keeping your feet in control of the movement of the shoes and not the other way around.

O’Neal Rider boots also feature luxury insoles for added comfort and support along with ample heel support. I really like how these boots support the feet, especially the heels, as the heel often gets the most shock.

The extra support helps to absorb a lot of this effect so strong energy does not damage your heels.


The sole of these boots is made of a strong Goodyear sole. I really like this one design. This provides excellent traction through the sole too and from the motorcycle.

While the sole is great, it is not very large, which is a scary factor that many riders like based on their riding style.

For example, if your foot slips on the ground while spinning, you will not want the sole to have large ears to catch it and that when you walk. But O’Neal Rider boots offer the best of both worlds in traction and even a sole.

6. cTech 3 Enduro

Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro

Alpinestars is a very popular and reliable brand of multifunctional motorcyclists, which has enjoyed and remained loyal customers for many years and years. And with good reason.


The support that this shoe provides is also an important part of what I think is good for trail riding.

The Tech 3 Enduro shoe has an Alpinestars patented strap system that features soft foam around the ankle and collar. This provides a sense of comfort and full support as the straps help you to keep your feet comfortable and the foam helps take the fear out of the fists.

The blade guide system gives the wearer a smooth face and helps support the ankle by preventing pressure when traveling in unexpected areas.


Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro boots have many features that have been specifically modified to increase the overall durability of the shoe.

The upper part of the housing is made of flexible microfiber, but resistant to abrasion. By protecting the boots from quick damage, Alpinestars manages to keep the boots light but strong.

The toe is also made of synthetic material to provide high abrasion resistance, as seen on the front of these boots.


The Tech 3 Enduro boot is a unique landscape design, with a rubber grip with a high grip. I especially like the Enduro Tech 3 only design, as it is smoother when you walk, but offers more grip than regular motocross soles.

Another special feature of this sole, which feeds on the durability of boots, is that the sole is usually sewn; therefore, when the aroma of the trunk wears off, you can send the puppy back to Alpinestars to change soles.


Safety is a big thing when generally dirty biking, but in my opinion, it is especially important when going off-road riding. Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro shoes provide good protection against any unpleasant and unexpected appearance in any way.

These Alpinestars shoes are wrapped around TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and even some TPR (thermoplastic rubber) for the best protection on the road.

Including injectable TPU shin injection, the Tech 3 Enduro boot has a matching TPU calf protection seal, medium TPU cover, outer TPU cover, and TPU heel.

The protective properties of this TPU help generate strong energy during a crash, or when a root or rogue falls on your feet; therefore, it helps to reduce the damage to joints and bones.

7. Gaerne SG-12

Gaerne SG-12

Gaerne is an Italian brand with superior quality boots. I especially like this company and I love the shoes they offer. The Gaerne SG-12 boots are my favorites.

The SG-12 is Gaerne’s tallest shoe, so it costs a little more, but it’s durable, but still high.


The Gaerne SG-12 boot is one of the best protective dirt bike boots on the market. These boots are appreciated by many riders who say they protect their feet from accidents where their feet can break while wearing other boots.

In addition to the hard plastic panels on the outside of these boots, some of the boot’s protective features include a razor bar and a two-stage loop system. We discuss razor deformation when we talk about boot support.

A two-stage rotation system is unique to Gaerne. The first changeover of the boot is to provide rigid side support, while sliding keeps the top of the boot upright.

This is especially useful for keeping the chin of the boot from causing your feet to hang down during the boot.

The second chapter focuses on the flexibility of the boot. It is mounted on a door that helps you as an enthusiast and feels comfortable when shifting and braking.

The safety feature is there, though, and the one with little change when you need it. In the case of sprains or other reactions, two main systems will prevent your ankle from hyperextension or hyperflexion.


Gaerne shoes have a lasting reputation. Some riders in Gaerne say that these shoes must be used for eight years before needing a new one.

Even with the best feature, I like the Gaerne SG-12 as a lock. The SG-12 seems lighter but more powerful.

Gaerne offers additional features for the shoe guards, but many of those who wear these shoes have expressed their satisfaction with the SG-12’s safety capabilities.

Another great feature that shows that this shoe is perfect for any occasion is the versatile plate. By adjusting the brace in the desired position, the rider can adjust the plate opening to accommodate different calf sizes or knee support.

It is not necessary to buy completely different shoes because of injury or other reasons.


Traditionally motorcycles have been the sole of these boots, so if you like the softer feel of motorcycle tires, along with the great protection these boots provide, then these are the shoes.

Gaerne SG-12 boots have traditional sewn soles. This is definitely a great feature that plays an important role in the durability of the shoes. If you need to repair a boot, you can send it back to Gaerne to change jobs.


Gaerne SG-12s provide excellent foot and ankle support and excellent protective properties.

The razor-sharp suspension of these boots is located at the back of each shoe. The support bar is a dual swivel system that holds the ankle in place and provides great flexibility for a variety of positions on complex trails.

Another good supportive feature for the SG-12s is the inner lining. When you slip your feet into these boots, the ankles instantly snap into this soft lining that gives each ankle the shape. This provides good support by keeping your ankle firmly in your boots, no matter how hard you ride.