How to Choose the Right Gear to Beat the Summer Heat

How to Choose the Right Gear to Beat the Summer Heat

As summer comes, the heat has already begun to rise. If you’ve ever traveled in the summer, you’re thinking about putting your beloved leather jacket away and going through your drawer for that old half-face helmet you don’t wear anymore. It’s a common misperception that any riding gear can provide an all-season purpose, but a little study may go a long way toward assisting you in finding the best gear for the majority of the weather you’ll face. So here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect summer gears to ride a motorcycle in hot weather.

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Hot Weather


When it comes to riding a motorcycle in hot weather, a full-face helmet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind; instead, most riders ignore this vital piece of equipment because of the light traffic laws in the summer. Even when choosing a helmet in the summer, most riders opt for half-face or modular helmets, which are open and ventilated but lack the fundamental protection necessary. Nevertheless, the full-face helmet remains the best option. The lining gathers moisture and keeps the forehead dry while protecting your eyes from the scorching heat.

Wear a helmet liner at all times to prevent your helmet from sweat-related wear and tear. The Bell Moto Series provides protection and style for those sunny summer highway rides.


When the summer heat arrives, the boots are the first to be put away. The comfort of your ride is determined by the comfort of your feet in the riding boots. Consider riding in the heat with your feet soaked in sweat; it’s not a pleasant image. The TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots and TCX Roadster 2 Air Boots, for example, are designed for enthusiasts and feature excellent ventilation. Shoes that extend over the shinning feature a breathable top with zips for further ventilation. An essential thing to remember is to have a nice layer between your feet and your shoes, such as a good pair of socks, to keep moisture away.


While leather jackets never go out of fashion, they aren’t appropriate for the hot summers of India. When choosing a summer jacket, mesh jackets are a great option. Rev’it! Airforce and Rev’it Eclipse are the best riding jackets for severely hot riding circumstances. Jackets with front ventilation zips, similar to Rev’it! Jackets enable maximum ventilation and allow the skin to breathe. When buying a jacket, bear in mind the number of vents it has; coats with more vents provide significantly more excellent ventilation. It’s also important to remember that cycling dehydrates cyclists, so a hydration pack is necessary for extended rides.

Cooling vest

While riding in the heat, the best Tips to Stay Cool on Hot Motorcycle Rides is cooling vests. Cooling vests are a blessing since they employ evaporative technology to keep the body cool. The cooling vest must be covered in water, and the evaporation of the water maintains a cool temperature within the vest over time. These vests are extremely light and do not feel like an additional layer on the body, yet they make a big difference in body temperatures. Cooling vests, such as the Rev’it, are available in a neck style. Cooling vests with liquid or zipped options, such as the Rev’it! Both the Challenger Cooling Vest and the Challenger Cooling Vest are fantastic alternatives for keeping the temperature down.

Riding pants

When it comes to all-season riding pants, denim is, without a doubt, the best option. Denim with abrasion-resistant thread integrated into the fabric brings protection to a new level. Oxford Aramid SP-J3 Reinforced Jeans and Rev’it! Denim, for example. Seattle TF Jeans give you a tough biker appearance while keeping you cool and safe. Aside from denim, riding pants come in the same variety of styles as jackets. Mesh pants and mesh and perforated leather pairings with a good number of vents are other choices for riders searching for a suitable pair of summer riding pants.


Sleeves should be avoided while riding in the summer, but riders must remember to cover all body areas with one layer of fabric. In addition, sunblock should be applied to motorcycle riders’ necks and the back of their necks, frequently exposed to the sun. An additional pair of sunglasses might also help you prevent headaches caused by glare from the sun. These are a few tips to bear in mind whether planning to ride a motorcycle in hot weather or simply preparing for the long summers ahead.

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