Change a Motorcycle Tire

How to Change a Motorcycle Tire: a Step-By-Step Guide for Rider

Motorcycle tire replacement is not a big task, anyone can do it easily by just following a few simple steps. Most important you must have all the required tools to change a motorcycle tire. Tires are quite important to maintain your bike’s stability, improve fuel efficiency, and ensure the speed of the bike. 

When you want to go on a long trip, you make sure to check the tire condition. You can replace your tires in a few minutes. Let’s see a few steps

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When a Tire Needs Replacement?

There can be many reasons to replace a tire. One of the most obvious reasons is tread depth is reduced(legal minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm).  There are other reasons like 

  • When your tire gets too many cracks in it
  • If your tires got punctured many times. 
  • Worn-out tires can cause uneven tire surfaces,
  • When an abnormal bump appears on the side of a tire.

There are several factors available that can affect your tires including speeds, frequent breaks, and weather. An imbalanced tire or less tread depth tire can affect your riding styles, speeds, and stability. 

How to Change a Motorcycle Tire: Step-By-Step

A tire without tread depth can cause accidents. So, you can change it yourself with these simple steps. 

Step 1: Remove the Wheel from Bike

Use the main stand to lift the tire from the ground. Now use a socket to lose & remove the axle from the tire. Pull out your tire from the bike, remove the chain and brake caliper. Place the axle back to keep the caliper in position.

Step 2: Deflate the Tire 

After separating the tire from the bike, it’s time to remove its air. To remove the air from the tire, unscrew the cap on the valve and use a special tool valve stem core to remove air. Some valve stems have built-in caps instead of separate pieces.

Step 3: Break the Bead

The bead is the inner part of the tire where it meets the rim. You have to use a bead breaker tool to separate the tire bead from the rim. You can buy a bead breaker tool at the auto parts store to help. 

Step 4: Separate the Tire From the Rim

Now it’s time to use a tire spoon to separate the tire from the rim. You have to gently slide a tire spoon under the tire’s edge to separate the tire and leave the spoon there to keep it in position. Use another tire spoon in the same way few inches away from the first one and repeat the same thing. 

Step 5: Clean the Rim and New Tire

After the separation of the old tire, clean the rim and tire from the inside. Apply bead lube to the edges of the new tire. In a pinch, you can use hand sanitizer or hand soap for this step. 

Step 6: Put the New Tire on the Rim

After putting in a new tire, carefully slide the entire tire under the rim on one side. Turn the wheel over and do the same on the other side. 

Step 7: Reinstall the valve stem core and inflate the tire

Once a new tire comfortably fits on the rim, reinstall the valve stem core. Fill out the air in it and check the air pressure until it reaches the recommended level. 

Finally, put your wheel on the bike and remount it. Make sure to recheck the air pressure and fastener. 


Tire in the bike is quite important to maintain the stability of the bike during riding. If your tire loses its tread depth, then it can cause tire sliding. There can be many causes of tire replacement. Here, we have discussed 7 steps to change the motorcycle tire on your own. It is not a big thing to do, you are required to follow a few simple steps and a proper tool kit. 


How often should I change my motorcycle tires?

A typical motorcycle tire sustains between 5,000 to 15,000 miles. However, the tire replacement depends on factors like tire quality, riding style, road conditions, and tire type. Regularly check the tire tread depth and replace it if the tread depth reaches its legal limit. 

What tools do I need to change a motorcycle tire?

There are a few essential tools required to replace motorcycle tires including a socket set, tire spoons, a bead breaker tool, a valve core remover, and an air pump. Having a motorcycle stand and a torque wrench is also beneficial.

How to buy a new tire?

When you are choosing a motorcycle tire, you should buy a high-quality tire that is durable, sustainable, and stick for the long term. Pick a tire that suits your riding style, like touring, sport, or off-road. Make sure to buy it from trusted stores or online shops.

How do I know the correct tire pressure for my motorcycle?

Look in your motorcycle’s manual to find the recommended tire pressures. Some makers suggest one pressure for all situations, while others offer a different one for two riders. 
For example, BMW recommended 42 PSI for both the front and rear tires on the 789-pound BMW K1600GT, no matter the load.

Is it possible to patch or repair a motorcycle tire, or should I always replace it?

Small punctures in the tread area can often be repaired using a plug and patch. But having large side bubbles, tire cracks, and tread depth loss requires tire replacement. Always consult a professional for proper assessment and repairs.