Buying OEM Motorcycle Parts

Pros And Cons Of Buying OEM Motorcycle Parts

Damage in motorcycle parts are common issue that riders have to face. But riders missed out on one thing which is buying the right motorcycle parts. Every time we buy a motorcycle we think about it for the long term. So, it is also important when we are replacing a motorcycle part we should go for a durable, efficient, and high-quality part. That’s where OEM motorcycle parts come into play. 

But there are lots of things we do not know while buying OEM motorcycle parts. Keep in mind these pros and cons to make a perfect decision for your motorcycle. 

OEM Motorcycle Parts

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What of OEM Motorcycle parts?

The full form of OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer which means motorcycle parts are components produced by the same manufacturer that built the motorcycle. These parts have the same features, specifications, quality, durability, and efficiency that you get with your motorcycle. 

There are many small third-party companies available to provide the same parts but affordable. When you purchase OEM motorcycle parts, you are getting parts that came with your motorcycle when it was first assembled.

Pros of OEM Motorcycle part

There are lots of benefits to buying a motorcycle part directly from the manufacturer compared to other brands. Let’s find out 

1. Warranty Support 

OEM bike parts will come up with the assurance of warranty coverage and provide satisfaction to motorcycle owners. In case of defects or issues, the manufacturer’s warranty support ensures that replacements are handled with ease.

Other than OEM parts, many times this warranty card is also associated with labor for a specified duration. Honda offers a six-month warranty for authentic motorcycle parts in both European and North American markets.

2. Warranty Compliance

However, there’s a catch to the warranty benefit. To be eligible for the warranty, it’s crucial to consistently use OEM parts. If you install aftermarket parts on your bike, it might cancel the warranty that you can think about.

3. Quality Assurance

Manufacturers make sure the quality of parts is based on testing of it.  They check each component meets the manufacturer’s high standards. This commitment to quality translates into enhanced durability, reliability, and overall performance.

So, You don’t have to worry if the products are good because they have the official approval of the manufacturer. 

4. Maintained Resale Value

Using original parts keeps your motorcycle’s resale value high because these components are known to be real and fit perfectly. People looking to buy a motorcycle often prefer those with genuine parts because they trust that everything is authentic and works well. 

5. Guaranteed Fit:

When you purchase the same bike part from the same manufacturer, it means the part will only fit in your motorcycle. This guarantees a hassle-free installation process and optimal performance.

Con of OEM Motorcycle part

But everything has its negative parts. So, understand the cons of OEM motorcycle parts. 

1. Higher Cost: 

OEM parts are higher in pricing. These parts will be costing you around 40 to 60 percent more than aftermarket options. This is mainly because of the brand name and the approval from the motorcycle manufacturer. They are more reliable, durable, and fit also. 

2. Limited Availability:

Finding specific OEM motorcycle parts can be a bit challenging due to high demand. You can’t find them easily in motorcycle stores, but you can check them out on specialized shops or online platforms like RevZilla. This limited availability could extend the time it takes to get the parts you need.

3. Quality Considerations:

You can’t always think that OEM parts are always top-notch. Some brands and types of OEM parts may have quality issues. Because they are only bike parts and no one knows how long this can sustain. But we can say they are a better option than buying from a local company. 


If we conclude, OEM motorcycle parts are a good choice if we want to replace a particular part of our Vehicle. A rider must think about it while buying new motorcycle parts. You can check out these OEM parts online or authorized dealer shop. These OEM parts are more durable, reliable, secure, and fit but they are more costlier. 


Where to Buy OEM Motorcycle Parts?

You can get OEM motorcycle parts from the official stores of your motorcycle brand, authorized dealers, or trusted online shops. Stick to these places to make sure you’re getting high-quality parts that match your bike.

When to Choose OEM Motorcycle Parts?

Choose OEM parts when you want to maintain your motorcycle’s original performance and ensure a perfect fit. They are the best option for critical components like brakes or engine parts. This is helpful to preserve the bike’s reliability and resale value.

What to Consider When Buying New Motorcycle Parts?

When buying new motorcycle parts, consider your bike’s make and model, compatibility, quality, and budget. Ensure that the parts meet your bike’s specifications and are from reputable sellers to guarantee reliability.

What Are Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts?

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are made by companies other than the original manufacturer. They are offering alternative parts to original OEM parts and may offer various designs, features, or price points.

What Makes Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Less Valuable?

Aftermarket parts can be perceived as less valuable due to potential differences in quality, fit, or resale value compared to OEM parts. Some aftermarket options might not perfectly match the original specifications of the motorcycle, affecting performance and overall satisfaction.