Top 10 Best Motorcycle Backpacks Review 2024

motorcycle rider backpack

Motorcycle backpacks are an essential accessory that motorcyclists should bring, whether long or short trips. If you are a daily commuter, you really know the importance of riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle itself is not spacious enough to carry all your belongings, or laptops, books, clothes, lunch, and small technical equipment. Use this motorcycle backpack, some drivers use a standard average backpack.

I think backpacks are always good. You can travel safely with them if you travel long distances, a backpack always carries nothing to collect what you need to complete your trip. and buy a motorcycle, car kit, and accessories so your bag should be added to the accessory again.

The good motorbike backpack provides comfort, air conditioning, and weather protection when you are out and on the ride. They usually look like a normal backpack but with specially organized panels that make packing very easy. It can be carried on your shoulder and passes quickly – unlike a regular backpack, it won’t grab you.

The reason is, motorcycle backpacks are designed to distribute the load on the shoulders, back and hips so as not to experience pressure in one area. This list of motorcycle backpacks is based on a review of the specifications, customer reviews, popularity, and several other parameters we use when evaluating a backpack.

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List of Top 10 Motorcycle Backpacks

Here are our top picks of motorcycle backpacks to save you time and help you choose the right one for your needs.

  1. Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Motorcycle Backpack
  2. Shoei 2.0 Motorcycle Backpack
  3. OGIO Renegade RSS Motorcycle Backpack
  4. AXO Commuter Motorcycle Backpack
  5. Aqua Quest Sport 30 Backpack
  6. MotoCentric Leather Motorcycle Backpack
  7. OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpack
  8. Seibertron 37L Motorbike Backpack
  9. Oakley Kitchen Sink Motorcycle Backpack
  10. OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

1. Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Motorcycle Backpack

 Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Motorcycle Backpack | Best Motorcycle Backpacks
 Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Motorcycle Backpack | Best Motorcycle Backpacks
Capacity20L / 40L
Dimensions 20L16”H x 11”W x 7”D
Dimensions 40L22”H x 12.5”W x 9”D
Weight3.6 Pounds /4.3 Pounds

The Nelson-Rigg Hurricane backpack is different from any other backpack. In fact, this backpack has features that are not similar to your typical backpack. That’s because it’s pretty unique. Whether you are traveling on a cruiser motorcycle, an adventure bike or a Harley Davidson, this backpack is suitable for everyone.

Nelson-Rigg Hurricane Backpack is a 100% waterproof backpack, made of durable 24oz PVC tarpaulin, which not only provides a waterproof solution but also protects your backpack from harmful UV rays during long summer trips. The backpack has all heat-welded electronic welded seams, which ensures that water drops penetrate into the backpack and damage your valuables.

A backpack also has an air purge valve so that, with a waterproof seal, no air is trapped inside the backpack. Sometimes it allows air to be stored in the backpack while the straps are compressed in a waterproof closed backpack. But with the Nelson-Rigg Hurricane backpack, you won’t find stored air inside.

The Nelson-Rigg Hurricane backpack can be sealed on the top or bottom. That’s your choice! If it comes to capacity, the Nelson-Rigg Hurricane backpack has a capacity of 40 liters with a large opening so you can put large objects in it. An inner arm is also available in the main compartment to carry laptops, tablets, and notebooks up to 15 inches. Additionally, there is an integrated front pocket that can be used to hold an optional 1-liter water tank and a 2 mesh side pocket for a 30 oz fuel bottle.

For added comfort and fit, the Nelson-Rigg is equipped with a large, soft, adjustable shoulder strap and adjustable waist and chest straps to suit individual needs. The back is fully ventilated to make the trip more comfortable. In addition, this backpack also has a detachable MOLLE panel. Discontinued Product!

2. Shoei 2.0 Motorcycle Backpack

Shoei 2.0 Motorcycle Backpack | cheap backpack for motorcycle
Shoei 2.0 Motorcycle Backpack | Top Backpack for motorcycle
Dimensions16”H x10”W x 4”D
Laptop Compartment22”H x 12.5”W x 9”D
Weight2.4 Pounds

If most of the things you pack in your backpack are a laptop, shoes, or helmet, Shoei 2.0 backpack is another affordable option for you under $ 100. You may want to consider this motorcycle backpack. because it was made and designed by Shoei. Shoei 2.0 motorcycle backpack.

This backpack has an internal compartment for laptops that fits most 17 inch laptops and all tablets. The backpack has cushions to store electronics and protect them from any shocks. Spacious main compartment for hats, laptops, helmets, and other items. In fact, in order for you to enjoy your vacation, Shoei includes soft media bags lined inside this main compartment and a multimedia port at the top so you can listen to your media player. Me while driving. It provides a removable protective bracket that fits most Shoei helmets.

To ensure rider comfort when getting on and off the motorbike, the Shoei 2.0 backpack is equipped with rear cushions and shoulder straps for increased comfort and fit. With soft shoulder straps, the straps don’t rest against your shoulders and the load is properly distributed to your hips and back.

In addition, the Shoei 2.0 dashboard has reflective lines that make it easy to see when driving at night. Tubes in the back and shoulders keep you visible at night. In addition, there is an adjustable waist and chest belt for a tight fit. 500 Error.

3. OGIO Renegade RSS Motorcycle Backpack

 OGIO Renegade RSS Motorcycle Backpack - Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof
 OGIO Renegade RSS Motorcycle Backpack - Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof
Capacity1800 Cubic Inches
Dimensions19.5”H x 14”W x 10.5”D
Laptop Compartment15.5”H x 10.5”W x 1”D
Weight3.5 Pounds

OGIO is a leading name in the motorcycle apparel and accessories industry, which explains why we decided to include OGIO’s motorcycle backpacks. If you are a daily commuter who wants to ride a vehicle while in college, at work, or elsewhere, then this motorcycle backpack is perfect for you.

The OGIO Renegade RSS motorcycle backpack has a number of innovative and powerful features that make it more popular than other motorcycle backpacks. For example, the OGIO Renegade RSS backpack has padded compartments for your laptop, iPad / tablet/e-reader, and mouse or digital camera.

In short, we can say that the OGIO Renegade RSS is a technically friendly backpack that secures your valuables while systematically arranging them so they don’t carry. under overload for you while driving. OGIO even used the Backpanel Unibody Lai Control Panel (HUB) for added convenience.

This backpack features an ergonomic, fully adjustable shoulder strap with enhanced foam cushioning for a comfort zone that doesn’t overload the rider’s shoulders when carrying the motorcycle backpack. Additionally, this backpack has 2 zippered side pockets, a quick expandable phone pocket, and a zip pocket.

4. AXO Commuter Motorcycle Backpack

AXO Commuter Motorcycle Backpack - best motorcycle backpack 2021
AXO Commuter Motorcycle Backpack - best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder
Capacity1500 Cubic Inches
Dimensions19”H x 13.5”W x 10”D
Weight227 g

The AXO Commuter backpack is as cheap as your school bag or fitness bag, but it offers some powerful features that are almost unavailable at such an affordable price. To begin with, the backpack has enough space to hold a motorcycle helmet, be it an open motorcycle helmet or a full-face motorcycle helmet. Even with a motorcycle helmet on, the backpack does not have much space to hold other clumsy items, but I’m sure you can bring other small things you need for your daily commute.

AXO commuter backpack is available in many different design colors that you can choose from. So, if you are looking for a cheap, funky-looking motorcycle backpack, then the AXO Commuter Motorcycle backpack would be perfect for you.

The motorcycle backpack is made of tough nylon, which provides some resistance to damage and protects your valuables in the event of a fall. But don’t compare build quality with backpacks from OGIO and Shoei. I won’t believe it.

In addition, this backpack has a smooth back cushion and soft shoulder strap for added comfort for the rider to carry.

The AXO travel backpack has a side mesh bag and a collapsible saddlebag, perfect for carrying other items if needed. AXO Commuter Backpack has many design colors for you to choose from. So if you are looking for a fun and cheap motorcycle backpack, then the AXO Backpack is best for you.

5. Aqua Quest Sport 30 Backpack

Aqua Quest Sport 30 Backpack
Aqua Quest Sport 30 Backpack
Capacity1800 Cubic Inches
Dimensions21.5 x 12 x 9 in
Weight850 g

As its name suggests, this backpack is designed to be the best waterproof backpack on the market. You might think that one way to make your backpack more waterproof is to have fewer zippers. However, you should not compromise your space. Aqua Quest Sport 30 takes care of that department. It can easily withstand adverse weather conditions and provides you with full water resistance. In addition, it should be noted that there are no interior compartments. A large compartment is provided to store all your belongings. It remains motionless during long trips due to its high durability and long-lasting properties.

Aqua Quest Sport 30 backpack has a volume of 30 l for storing your belongings. It is large enough for a backpack that is claimed to be 100% waterproof. Did I say “ask”? Sorry, this backpack is the ultimate waterproof backpack. Traction can, however, be operated, but it is still adjustable. The traction is relatively higher than the other backpacks mentioned in this list, but the safety it offers is also the best. You get fully adjustable shoulder straps and belts in Aqua Quest Sport 30. You are welcome to ride a bike without worrying about your belongings. Aqua Quest Sport 30 is a great backpack!

6. MotoCentric Leather Motorcycle Backpack

best MotoCentric Leather Motorcycle Backpack
cheap MotoCentric Leather Motorcycle Backpack
Dimensions19”H x 14.8”W x 2”D
Weight2 Pounds

This is an extremely light and versatile leather motorcycle backpack made by MotoCentric. This backpack is made of very durable Oxford cloth and water nylon material, which allows riders to use the backpack even in harsh weather conditions. There is even a closure seal over the zipper for extra protection. You can use a backpack for a variety of motorcycle styles.

In summer, the backpack doesn’t get in the way of your mesh motorcycle jacket and offers a breathable lining that you can wear for summer riding. So even if you are overcrowded, it will ensure you feel comfortable, not overheated. To increase the visibility of riders at night, the motorcycle backpack is equipped with reflective strips to ensure drivers and other riders can see your presence, even in the dark.

Now let’s get to backpack capacity. The MotoCentric leather motorcycle backpack is not very big, but it is quite spacious. You can carry your laptop, up to 14 inches, in the laptop compartment and use other small pockets for other small valuables, such as pens and keys.

Best of all, the MotoCentric backpack is multifunctional and can be used as a double backpack to attach a motorcycle helmet or basketball to the net on the outside of the backpack, which can be attached to both sides for resistance. handle to hold the helmet/basketball.

Surprisingly, the price is affordable. Undoubtedly, this backpack is quite versatile and reliable for day trips or long trips.

7. OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpack
OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpacks
Capacity1475 Cubic Inches
Dimensions20.5”H x 14.5”W x 7”D
Laptop CompartmentUp to 15” devices
Weight3.7 Pounds

The OGIO No Drag Mach 5 comes with all the features of the Mach 3 motorcycle backpack. No Drag Mach 5 is the top motorcycle backpack in OGIO’s No Drag backpack series. Without a doubt, OGIO has created a very aerodynamic backpack for all sports bikers.

It’s like ALPHA in the world of motorcycle backpacks, covering all the adjustments and enhancements that are no less than No Drag Mach 3.

The Mach 3 has a single molded exterior that is waterproof, but the OGIO No Drag Mach 5 has a pressure-molded, ultra-aerodynamic exterior that offers unmatched airflow and weather-resistant features with a printed graphic design.

The weatherproof features of OGIO Mach 5 allow you to easily get through rain and other harsh weather conditions. If you are a daily commuter or occasional adventurer, you do not have to worry about your belongings, as OGIO No Drag Mach 5 has a laptop compartment to carry laptops up to 15 inches with separate compartment protection for iPad tablets. . You can pack an extra pair of motorcycle shoes for walks and place them in a dedicated space for shoe storage. Use an external Nubuck leather strap to wear your helmet.

And you can carry everything in this ergonomically designed motorcycle backpack without discomfort. To counteract this, OGIO has equipped No Drag Mach 5 with a comfortable shoulder pack for the body, for extra comfort and a better fit.

In addition, some of the features of No Drag Mach 3 include a detachable hip belt with the same attachment outside the center, a safety reflective tube and a logo for 360-degree visibility while driving at night and more.

8. Seibertron 37L Motorbike Backpack

Seibertron 37L Motorbike Backpack
Seibertron 37L Motorbike Backpacka
Dimensions19”H x 11”W x 11”D
Weight2.8 Pounds

The Seibertron Motorcycle Backpack is a great choice if you’re looking for storage and durability. Seibertron is a waterproof motorcycle backpack made of 900D polyester outer material and has a capacity of 37L.

Let me tell you, Seibertron is a tough backpack for motorcycles! It doesn’t seem as great as some of the other motorcycle backpacks we’ve reviewed above, but if you’re looking for the best motorcycle backpack, then the Seibertron 37 L Motorcycle Backpack is for you.

There are plenty of reasons to include the Seibertron 37 L Motorcycle Backpack on our list of the best motorcycle backpacks. First of all, as the name suggests, the backpack has a capacity of 37 L, which means it can hold a lot of things that you might want to bring along on your trip.

For your smartphone, tablet, or iPad you can use the interior zipper pockets. Above all, it comes at a very affordable price that may surprise you when seeing the other motorcycle backpacks in this category.

The backpack has compartments in which you can take a laptop up to 17 inches, an extra pair of shoes and other items you need for a weekend trip. You can secure the load with a strap.

The backpack’s hip belt can be stretched up to 55 inches, while the sternum strap can be extended up to 60 inches in diameter.

The design of the Seibertron 37 L motorcycle backpack may not look very stylish, but it is practical enough. The material used for this production is 900D polyester, which is quite thick, has good abrasion resistance and is water-repellent. However, the zipper and pin hole are waterproof. You must be careful when put your items.

9. Oakley Kitchen Sink Motorcycle Backpack

Oakley Kitchen Sink Motorcycle Backpack
Oakley Kitchen Sink Motorcycle Backpack
Dimensions20.32 x 35.56 x 50.8 cm
Weight998 g

Material plays an important role in choosing a backpack. The Oakley Men’s Wash Basin Backpack is made of pure nylon. Laptops can be easily carried in them. The bag has many compartments with different purposes. More precisely, you can keep your keys, water bottle and other items in a separate compartment. Small compartments for keys and smaller items can be very convenient to move around.

It is also designed to keep the rider’s body in check. It also has a capacity of 34 liters. Most of the time, the racers love to go together and this backpack shows a manliness. Impressive backpack and pocket design. Zippers and zippers are available with storage compartments. In short, you can easily carry everything you want in this backpack. By comparison, it’s a bit expensive, but the functionality of this backpack is extraordinary. You won’t regret spending money on this bag.

10. OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpacks
OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack
Capacity1350 Cubic Inches
Dimensions 20L19”H x 12.5”W x 6.5”D
Laptop CompartmentUp to 15” devices
Weight2.7 Pounds

The OGIO No Drag Mach 3 is the second model in the OGIO No Drag series. It is like the latest version of its predecessor, the OGIO No Drag Mach 1 motorcycle backpack. The Mach 3 backpack comes with new advanced features not found on its predecessor, the Mach 1. Most importantly the company decided not to rerun the functionality of Mach 1, but it packs some pretty good features in a handy new design.

First of all, Mach 3 is slightly heavier than Mach 1, but the shoulders fit the body better, which actually helps to improve aerodynamics. It slammed into the wind like a butter knife.

OGIO No Drag Mach 3 has the same single model case as Mach 1, with the same water resistance. The outer material is not deformed by wind shear. Many riders complain that the backpacks block the airflow from their rear area. That is why OGIO has created a reinforced underlay to improve the ventilation system at the back.

Who likes to bring an extra pair of boots for off-road riding. The backpack has a shoe compartment and a soft laptop bag with an elastic cover, in which laptops with screens up to 15 inches in size can be transported.

All these interior stash pockets are housed in one main compartment with a complete organizer dashboard equipped with a zippered security pouch. This backpack also offers a detachable helmet strap made of soft nubuck leather that can be attached to the outside of the backpack.

Benefits of Motorcycle Backpacks

There are many manufacturers that make custom bags for motorcyclists. They are durable and last for a long time. While they can be a bit expensive, it can make it difficult for some motorcyclists to purchase a motorcycle backpack. But don’t worry! This guide is created to solve all your problems. However, before buying a backpack, it’s best to know all the advantages that a motorcycle backpack has. The more you know, the better. Here are some advantages of wearing a backpack on a motorcycle:

  • Durable and long-lasting: motorbike riders often like to go long distances. A backpack should be carried during the activity. That’s why most motorcycle backpacks are durable.
  • Custom Backpacks: This custom backpack manufacturing company also takes into the backpack’s towing capacity and size.
  • Waterproof: Almost all motorcycle bags are waterproof. This is also one of the aspects you need to consider before buying a backpack. Riders are prohibited from using bags that are not waterproof or designed for travel.
  • Extra support in the event of an accident: motorcycle backpacks provide extra cushioning for motorcyclists. If you are the victim of a riding accident, wearing a backpack will reduce the risk of back injury.

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Backpack?

We will discuss the essential factors that you must consider in choosing the right motorcycle backpack.

Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Check for Durability
  2. Best in Features & Design
  3. Check Your perfect Size
  4. Check for Weight, Fit & Size
  5. What Is Your Purpose?
  6. Check for Waterproof

1. Check for Durability

We recommend that the motorcycle backpack you choose offers resistance in the case of a fall or accident. Because motorcycles are more likely to crash than cars, a thick, high-quality motorcycle backpack not only protects the inside, it also protects the rider’s back in the case of a collision. So make sure that the backpack you choose has robust, high-quality building materials and other features that make it more durable and reliable to drive.

2. Check for Features & Design

Since you need a backpack to carry certain items, it is best to look for features that meet your needs. For example, if you want to take your laptop, documents, and small items with you, use a backpack that can carry your laptop safely. And provides a separate box for placing small items.

If you are buying a backpack for a weekend trip, you will definitely need a motorcycle backpack that offers a large capacity and is equipped with a soft strap and an adjustable waist belt so that you can pack everything and travel comfortably. En route. Some backpacks come in Molle design and offer outdoor space for attaching a motorcycle helmet. If you need it, you should look for a backpack that offers these features.

It’s no secret that when you drive on open roads, you are exposed to bad weather. Rain, cold, and heat are a problem for motorcyclists. In such a situation, make sure that your item is not damaged. So, when deciding on a backpack, look for one that is resistant to certain abuses and offers protection against the weather of your personal belongings.

3. Check Your Perfect Size

The very first thing you need to do is to check your own physique. You have to ask yourself, why is rider size important? This is because a motorcycle backpack is not like a traditional backpack. In fact, your posture is very important!

The motorcycle backpacks are available in different sizes and shapes for different body types. Therefore, it is important to check your own measurements, especially “hips” if you do not want to buy a motorcycle backpack that does not fit you. While in your search for the best motorcycle backpack you will find some that come with adjustable hip straps, softback support, and other straps for extra comfort and fit, it requires a lot of patience and attention to detail when searching. backpack,

Remember that a motorcycle backpack of the right size gives you a comfortable fit and freedom to move your arms and shoulders when you travel. Once you are familiar with your measurements, we move on to the next step.

4. Check for Weight, Fit & Size

I’m sure you’ll remember by now that choosing the right backpack for your motorcycle is no big deal. But, as I mentioned earlier, I want to tell you again that a motorcycle backpack is no ordinary backpack. Here you need to take all of them into account when using them in your motorbike journey. So, it is very important and crucial in terms of safety, comfort, and ease of use. In doing so, you will need to consider many other things, such as the weight, size, and capacity of the backpack.

5. What Is Your Purpose?

I understand if you want to choose the most beautiful design and modern features, but do not forget that you need to buy a motorcycle backpack to carry your equipment and belongings on the road. So it’s important for you to use your new motorcycle backpack? Do you need to wear motorcycle gloves or a helmet? Are you a daily traveler on a motorcycle? In that case, you need a motorcycle backpack with plenty of storage space and a special compartment to carry your laptop.

But if you are looking for a motorcycle backpack for adventure, then, of course, you need something to make it easier to carry many things for the journey. You need a fully equipped motorcycle backpack, separate compartments, and enough storage space to carry the necessary things if you are going off-road or in difficult conditions.

Once you are aware of this, it will be easy for you to look at the size of your backpack and the features that allow you to wear a laptop, motorcycle helmet, or maybe a pair of shoes. But keep in mind that the motorcycle backpack you choose must have special compartments for your motorcycle helmet, laptop, and other valuable accessories. Otherwise, you may end up mixing your equipment with other valuables that could damage your valuables, such as your laptop, by colliding with each other in the same room while on the go. So my suggestion is to look for a motorcycle backpack that has different compartments.

6. Check for Waterproof

What is the importance of a waterproof motorcycle backpack? Tell me. How would you feel if your personal belongings got wet from walking in the rain? Of course, you will not be happy! Therefore, make sure that the backpack you choose offers a waterproof solution so that you can ensure the honesty and safety of your valuables.

Not all motorcycle backpacks are completely waterproof, but some backpacking trips are also waterproof. So you have to consider what area you live in. In addition, do not forget to check if it is a water package. Matters are not always everything. It is a zipper that sometimes saves your belongings from water.


Choosing the perfect motorcycle bag in 2022 is not forever. List what you expect from a motorcycle package. Match these items in this bag and pick the perfect one for your long trips. All of these suitcases are made for motorcyclists. They have everything a final product should have. It may seem difficult to choose even when listing. Choose the bag that best fits your budget and become an expert in a specific area. Be happy and safe!