Clean a Leather Jacket

How to Gently Clean a Leather Jacket?

The rider’s jacket is the one that protects riders, gives them confidence, and goes everywhere with them. This jacket should be its top-notch condition every time. But what I found from many of my friends, they do not know how to clean a leather jacket. After every wash, their jackets are getting older. Also, there are many cracks I can see in the jacket.

A rider’s jacket faces everything like dust, debris, high sunlight, rain, winter, and sweat. You should to maintain it properly.

But if you want to avoid this type of situation and wish to have a jacket in top-notch condition, then you should learn how to clean a leather jacket. This article will show you an exact step-by-step guide to cleaning your jacket. So, you can wear it with confidence. 

Clean a Leather Jacket

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A Guide To Cleaning A Leather Jacket

You do not need to completely wash your jacket every time. There are different things you can follow to remove your stains, clean your jacket, improve quality, and wash it clearly.

Removing Everyday Stains:

This is a very simple step you have to follow if you find any stain on your jacket. You have to identify the stain on your jacket and use the best cleaner to clean it.

Whenever something drops on your jacket, you have to clean it immediately with a dry cotton cloth. Make sure to avoid rubbing and use a harsh cleaner. 

Use cleaner on the stained area and delicately rub the stained region in a circular motion. You can start from the outer edges and work towards the center.

Removing Mold and Mildew

When you do not wash your jacket for a long time, we can see some of the dark areas on the jacket that require a better solution.

To remove this, you can use a mix of white vinegar and water on molds. This is the perfect mild-clearing solution without affecting your jacket quality. Dampen a clean cloth in the mixture of vinegar and apply gently on the affected area.

Now, you have to wait for 10-15 minutes to completely break down its Mold and Mildew. After it, use a dry cloth to remove the mixture of vinegar from the jacket.

Deep Cleaning

This is the perfect thing for your jacket. You can buy a leather cleaner that is best for deep cleaning. But make sure to buy a cleaner that is specially designed for the type of leather.

Choose a quality cleaner and test it before applying it to your entire jacket. Use a soft cloth to clean your stain and cleaner.

In case of stubborn dirt or grime, you can use a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub on the leather. After that, remove all the cleaner with water and cloth. 

Apply Conditioner on the Jacket

Conditioning your jacket is helpful to make it shine more and be available for the long term. It’s the same to apply this to your leather jacket.

Conditioning of your jacket is started by choosing the right conditioner for your jacket. Make sure to buy a good quality and test it before applying it to your jacket.

The right way to use this conditioner is you have to clean your jacket first. Because a clear and clean surface can absorb conditioner batter.

You have to apply a small amount of conditioner to your jacket. Use a soft cloth to spread it across the jacket.

Now, give your jacket some time to absorb the conditioner properly. Make sure different conditions take different times for absorption.

After absorption, your jacket is ready to go for the next ride.

Don’t Do This While Cleaning your Jacket

There are a few important things to keep in mind. These things may damage your jacket.

  • Do not ever use harsh chemicals on your jacket. Make sure to buy quality cleaner and test it before applying. 
  • Make sure to select your brushes and cloth gently. Do not use a hard bristle brush for cleaning.
  • Direct heat and sunlight can cause leather dryness, cracks, and loss of its suppleness.
  • You have to avoid over-conditioning the jacket. It is recommended to use it when it is needed. 
  • Remove your stains as soon as possible before they become hard to remove. 


Cleaning of leather jackets is important to use for the long term. But it is more important how you maintain it. You have to wash it properly and follow all the above-discussed methods to avoid any future damage to your jacket. Regular cleaning, proper use of chemicals, and avoiding any harsh things can improve its lifespan. 


How to find the best leather cleaner?

You can get a reference from your friend. Check out the online review, find out the best product, compare different competitors, and check product ratings before choosing the best product.

What are moisturize available to use on leather?

There are many things you can use on leather including a conditioner, natural coconut oil, milk oil, etc. You can apply the moisturizer as your own.

How can I maintain the shine of your leather jacket?

It is important to use proper conditioner on your leather jacket. Make sure to avoid drying in too much heat or direct sunlight. Store it after properly applying the conditioner to it.