Top 3 Motorcycle Track Day Tires

Top 3 Motorcycle Track Day Tires

Don’t be stingy will selecting Motorcycle Track Day Tires for your ride. The selection of tires matters a lot in many conditions including the speed of a bike, maintaining stability, reducing accidents, and enjoyment of the ride. You are also required to regularly check the quality of the tire to avoid any serious accident.

Today, we are discussing one of the most important topics which is motorcycle tires. We create a list of the top 3 motorcycle track day tires. We include these tires in our list after qualifying our tire checklists.

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What are Motorcycle Track Day Tires?

Track Day tires are specifically designed for use on racetracks during track day events. These tires offer riders a superior grip, stability, and responsiveness. These tires are important to maintain the stability of the bike at higher speeds and sharp turns.

Track-day tires can be slick and treaded in nature. Both of the tires are designed to offer the best grip.

Top 3 Best Motorcycle Track Day Tires

Every tire needs to pass our tire checklist before including it in our list. We are checking things like how durable the is tire, how stable the tire is, how much time it can sustain, and what reviews they get from previous clients.

Let’s discuss

1. Michelin Power Cup 2: Best Warm-Up Time

The Michelin Power Cup 2 is specially designed for track days with a 5% void ratio. These tires offer almost smooth and minimal tread marks in the center of the tire. This is an upgraded version of the Power Cup Evo. You can divide these tires in a 90/10 ratio between track day use and street use.

They are not the right option for street riders. These are not capable of handling wet weather, cold conditions, and power 5.

Michelin Power Cup 2

Instant warm-up: This is the best feature that makes it the best motorcycle day tire. In a short span of time, these tires can warm up and offer riders a great grip on the track without much fuss. These tires don’t need tire warmers to heat up.

These tires come with a Synthetic Component Technology (SCT) that contributes to its instant heat-up capability.

Dual Compound Technology

We can find Dual Compound Technology on Michelin tires – 2CT for the front and 2CT+ for the rear. This technology offers great traction on the sides and a longer life in the center. The front tire has more carbon black on the sides and less in the middle which makes the tire grip well and last longer.

The shape of the tire is highly responsive to offers a great grip in sharp turn also.

2. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V4

Pirelli’s fourth version of Diablo Supercorsa tire is designed for passionate motorcyclists who want a tire that works well both on the street and the track. Its dual-compound design on the front provides a good balance between performance on different surfaces.

The new tread pattern not only gives consistent performance but also reduces the time it takes for the tire to warm up.

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V4

There are dynamic tire options also available to choose from including the SP variant and SC variant. 

The SP variant is more focused on the roads. This offers a perfect tire for the road including tire size, considering width, profile, compound proportions, and tread pattern arrangement. The slick shoulders help with grip during corners and relatively allow low pressure during track days.

The second SC variant is designed for race tracks and offers three different components including SC1, SC2, and SC3. These tires are suitable for different weather conditions, track surfaces, and riding styles.

The front part of the tire has a silica-based compound across the entire profile offers a better grip when leaning on the front end. The rear tire has a softer central component made from a rubber found in the racing version.

3. Metzeler Racetec RR

The Metzeler Racetec RR is a perfect racing tire for all weather conditions. The groove layout is designed for dry grip, efficient water drainage, and improved cornering stability.

You can find K1 soft compound on the front and K2 medium on the back tire. Metzeler also provides a versatile K3 hard variant option for road riding. The front tire’s mono compound is infused with 100% silica, while the rear dual compound features 100% silica on the shoulders for optimal grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Metzeler Racetec RR

With a hot pressure of 27 psi for the rear and 30 psi for the front, you can enjoy longevity and durability for a long time. The tire offers other benefits like the radial structure, reinforced with a zero-degree steel belt, translating to enhanced grip, sharper responsiveness, and increased control.

Exceptional feedback and progressive grip create a tangible connection to the road and signal the onset of a slide when pushing the throttle.


Right now, we only find only 3 Motorcycle Track Day Tires but there are other options also available to choose. You have to stick with a checklist to filter out these track-day tires. All of these tires are high-quality and offer you a great riding experience on track day. Pirelli, Michelin, and Metzeler are well-known tire brands across the world.


What makes track day tires different from regular motorcycle tires?

Track day tires are specifically designed for high-performance use on the racetrack. The tire material and shape offer enhanced grip and stability during high-speed riding. Regular motorcycle tire materials are more harder than track-day tires. This helps riders to go faster with maintaining stability.

What are the key features to consider when choosing motorcycle track day tires?

You have to consider these features while selecting a track day tire including the tire’s grip level, stability, and overall performance. Make sure to look at customer ratings also for better selection

How does tire pressure help in the longevity of the tire?

The right tire pressure helps to maintain the stability and speed of the bike. Proper tire pressure allows the tire to expand to a limit. You can also run your bike without any worry on different tracks. 

How can I maintain my tires for a longer term?

You should regularly inspect them for signs of uneven wear, bulges, or damage. It is important to ensure that your tires are clean and free from debris to prevent any potential issues. It is advisable to avoid harsh accelerations, decelerations, and abrupt maneuvers.