New Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid Motorcycle

New Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid Motorcycle Review

A few weeks before, Kawasaki just launched a hybrid version of the Kawasaki Ninja called Kawasaki Ninja 7. And now they again come with a new version of the same Kawasaki Ninja with the name Kawasaki Ninja Z7 Hybrid. The bike has a similar concept but with a more rugged appearance. Today, we are going to share Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid Motorcycle Review.

In Kawasaki’s style, this bike features with “Sugomi” design that aims for a tough, fast, and intimidating look. The bike has a unique engine, a packed rear section, and a strong transformer. The Kawasaki Ninja 7 HEV was not just a stylish one but also promised an enjoyable ride. 

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The New Kawasaki Z7 hybrid has come with a powerful 451cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine. The same engine, we can see in the Eliminator cruiser and the newly released 500 Ninja and Z500. 

Here, this twin engine works together with an electric motor that has multiple functions. The electric engine can power the bike by itself for short distances as per battery range. It also helps to boost the power of the gas engine for extra strength when needed. 

If we calculated the combined output of both sources is just under 70 horsepower and 44.5 lb-ft of torque.  You can ride it as an electric vehicle for about 7.4 miles before it switches to the traditional engine. 

Handle, Clutch, & Mode

The Kawasaki Z7 HEV has come without a clutch control same as the Kawasaki Ninja 7 HEV. But there is a different manual mode available for those who prefer to shift gears. Also, it has a convenient walk mode in the Ninja e-1 and the Z e-1, the Z7 HEV Motorcycle.

The Z7 HEV offers an idle-stop function to improve fuel efficiency that automatically stops the combustion engine when the bike is stationary.

The Kawasaki Ninja Z7 also offers three different modes to run the bike including power, walk, and E-boost functions. 

Both the Z7 HEV and Ninja 7 HEV are real hybrid bikes. They have batteries for electric engines that charge themselves while you ride.

Colors, Pricing, and Availability 

Right now, this New Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid Motorcycle is available in 2 color options: Metallic Bright Silver/Metallic Matte Lime Green/Ebony or Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray/Ebony/Metallic Graphite Gray. 

It’s worth noting that the design difference between the Ninja 7 HEV and Z7 HEV isn’t as distinct as in other Ninja and Z pairs.

If we talk about its availability, both strong hybrid Kawasaki motorcycle Ninja Z7 HEV and Ninja 7 HEV have been announced for release in Europe first. They are anticipated to hit dealerships in the spring of 2024. There is a growing interest in the Ninja 7 HEV in the United States, and while there’s no official word from Kawasaki about a North American release.

As of November 8, 2023, the prices for both the 2024 Kawasaki Z7 HEV and the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja 7 HEV are yet to be disclosed.


The new Kawasaki Z7 hybrid motorcycle review includes features, price, style, and power. The Kawasaki Z7 HEV is here to offer riders in its selling areas a naked option for a fun riding experience. Both Ninja 7 and Z7 are available in 2 different color options. The bike’s main engine comes with a combination of a 450cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine with an electric motor. It offers different modes to shift your riding style as per the situation. 

Until now, the Kawasaki has not disclosed the price of both bikes. 


What is a Hybrid Motorcycle?

A hybrid motorcycle comes with a combination of two power engines including an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. These types of bikes are designed to offer improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions by leveraging the strengths of both traditional and electric power systems.

What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Motorcycle?

Hybrid motorcycles are designed to provide better fuel efficiency as they can switch between the combustion engine and electric power.
The electric motor component contributes to lower emissions.
These hybrid engines come with an automatic charging system while riding on the road. 

What is the Top Speed of the Ninja 7 Hybrid in electric mode?

When you see an electric-only mode, the  Ninja 7 Hybrid top speed is slightly below 40 mph. Although it doesn’t accelerate as rapidly as high-voltage. It is fast enough to comfortably navigate through slower traffic in city riding.

What is the Main Disadvantage of Hybrid Vehicles?

The main disadvantage of hybrid vehicles or motorcycles is their initial cost. Hybrid technology tends to be more expensive to manufacture and purchase than traditional vehicles. However, this cost is often offset by fuel savings over the vehicle’s lifespan. Also, the complexity of hybrid systems, changing batteries, and their parts can lead to higher maintenance costs.