Motorcycle Tire's Age for Replacement

How to Determine Motorcycle Tire’s Age for Replacement

A Motorcycle Tire’s Age for Replacement are crucial to maintaining the stability of the bike. These tires are made from rubber that has deteriorated over the years. Because of friction they regularly lose their thickness, grooves, and rubber. 

Checking the tire’s age is important to know before going on a new ride and purchasing a new bike. There are various factors available that can impact the longevity of your motorcycle tires including road conditions, excess weight, excessive tire pressure, and your riding technique, Today, we will discuss how to evaluate the condition of your bike’s tires and when you need to replace them.

How do tires deteriorate?

Tires are made from rubber to maintain the speed, flexibility, and stability of the bike. These rubbers regularly oxidize due to contact with frequently changing conditions. It includes aging, exposure to UV radiation, high temperatures, moisture infiltration, encounters with road hazards, overloading, poor maintenance, and aggressive riding styles. 

That’s why a bike needs to stand in a dry space with proper maintenance. You should clean the dirt from your bike after riding. After riding a few kilometers, the tire needs to be replaced depending on the quality, riding, & maintenance.

Long-term contact with these elements, the tire reduces their lifespan. So understand the tire’s age for better flexibility and stability. 

Check Your Tire Tread

A simple way to check a tire’s condition is by checking the tread depth. This gives you a rough idea that is your tire requires replacement. 

In today’s world, technology enthusiasts are finding a great solution for tire replacement. They created a tire-wear indicator molded into the tire itself. Locate the small letters “TWI” on the tire’s side. These letters should not align with any part of the tire’s surface. If they do, it is a sign to replace the tires.

But if the tire tread is in good condition then check your for the crack in the tire. The presence of cracks is a significant indicator that the tire needs replacing. 

Check Your Tire Tread

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Identifying Tire’s Ages 

The age of motorcycle tires is a crucial factor in determining that they need to be replaced. Old tires can affect your riding style, comfort, speed, safety, and performance. Tires are made from a good quality material to maintain their sustainability. A tire’s lifespan depends on quality, material, and maintenance. 

Decode Tire Date Codes 

Every time a manufacturer creates a new tire, they put exact manufacturing data on the tire like time, company name, manufacture plant, SKU ID, etc. The date code is part of the Department of Transportation (DOT) code that can be started with “DOT” followed by a series of characters.

The DOT code is typically a combination of numbers and letters imprinted on the tire sidewall. You can find out it near the edge and close to the wheel rim.

If we talk about manufacturing date then the last four digits in the DOT code represent the tire’s manufacturing date. The first two digits of the DOT code indicate the week and the last two represent the year. For example, “0515” means the tire was manufactured in the 05th week of 2015.

When you go to purchase a new tire, check its manufacturing date to avoid any future issues. 


Tire deterioration is an oxidation process that reduces the quality of the tire over time. This oxidation happens due to exposure to air, heat, and UV rays. Because of oxidation, the tire begins to dry out and lose its flexibility. So, you need to check the tire tread and DOT code to determine its age. If the tire tread is reduced and the bike reduces its stability then you can look for replacement. Also, check the age of the tire from the DOT code and replace it after 4 to 6 years. 


Do motorcycle tires have an expiration date?

Yes, most motorcycle tires have an expiration date of six years from their date of manufacture. But there is no specific period to replace, the replacement of tires depends on quality and maintenance. They are made from rubber and it regularly deteriorates.

How do you read a motorcycle tire code?

To read a motorcycle tire code, locate the Department of Transportation (DOT) code on the tire’s sidewall. The last four digits represent the manufacturing date, with the first two indicating the week and the last two denoting the year.

How long are tires good for?

Tires are typically good for about five to six years from their manufacturing date. However, many factors affect a tire’s lifespan like storage conditions, maintenance conditions, and usage frequency.

What PSI should motorcycle tires be?

The recommended tire pressure (PSI) for motorcycle tires varies depending on the specific make and model of your motorcycle. You can find the recommended PSI in your motorcycle’s owner’s manual or on a label on the motorcycle itself. It is essential to maintain the recommended PSI for optimal safety and performance.