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Best Motorcycle Rain Gears (Review & Buying Guide) in 2024

Life is not always full of sunshine. We can all agree on that. In addition, the same applies to roads. You can not always expect your route to your destination to be free of changes in the weather. This is especially true if you are driving in the monsoon. Under such conditions, visibility is reduced and accidents are more likely to occur. Therefore, you need the best clothes like a Best Motorcycle Rain Gears for yourself.

But where do you start your search for the best raincoats for your needs? It can be confusing to see all the different options across price categories. That is why we have come up with a detailed, tailor-made answer for you. Read on for more details.

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Why Should You Buy the Best Motorcycle Raincoat?

Raincoat should be your choice when faced with inclement weather while driving. They help you to be safe from cars and other vehicles on the road.

Staying warm and dry not only protects you from health problems and cold weather, but it also helps you focus on more important things like traffic and driving. In addition, other drivers will be able to see you better because of their heavy rainfall.

Raincoats, such as gloves and boots, prevent dehydration, loss, or accidental encounters. And like all this, thanks to the additions added to the special items.

Every money you have, so you have to make full use of it. You should buy what works for you on your bike, and you can do this quickly by reviewing this review. For example, you can choose one of two sides, depending on the quality and duration of the stream.

Types of Motorcycle Raincoats

1. One Piece Suits

One-piece suits overalls a raincoat style that is loved by many motorcyclists. This is due to the excellent rain resistance they provide.

Therefore, if someone is looking for their first priority to be protected in the rain (if their bike does not have a windshield, their search should stop in one piece of the suit. On the other hand, one-piece suits are larger than other types of rain blankets and will take up some of the limited storage space on your bike.

2. Two Piece Suits

If you want the ease of use, flexibility, and a lot of space, then these two pieces of clothing must be the best motorcycle suit for you.

One for the upper body and one for the lower body. If you feel that it is not necessary, you can leave the house. In addition, two-second garments take up less space than one garment. On the other hand, they do not provide the best protection from the rain and can fall into the air.

Things to Be Considered Before Buying Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

1. Visibility

In addition to providing protection from the rain and making driving more comfortable, raincoats also help you stay safe in bad weather. Visibility is very important to make sure you are seen by other drivers. If they see you in low light, you can be almost certain they didn’t hit you.

Lack of visibility is one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents in the rain, which is not anyone’s fault. The reflective objects on the jacket help to increase visibility. Another way to do this is to use neon or other bright colors in the suit.

2. Size

Size is another important factor that determines how protected you are from rain. Light rain gear can be disastrous, as water can seep through the small holes in clothing. It should also not be so tight that it does not fit over ordinary motorcycle equipment. Somewhere in the middle will be perfect.

Another important consideration is how easy it is to put on and take off. Complex tools, such as multiple suits in one piece, can be too cumbersome to wear. Large suits are also blocked during riding.

3. Breathability

Although not an important factor for short walks, the durability of the materials used is very important in long-distance walks. A raincoat that is actually not breathable can make you sweat a lot, because it doesn’t breathe in the fabric and doesn’t circulate air. .

In the long run, it can be very uncomfortable with the rain pouring down on you and no body moisture. The PVC material used in many rain gear is completely non-breathable. Therefore, try to look at the material from which it is made and find out if it is breathable.

4. Waterproof Quality

The only reason to use rainwater is because you can protect yourself from the rain. Therefore, the most important thing to give is related to how the clothes can drain water. While not all rainwater runoff is good, some are more effective than others.

The reason is that the degree of use varies from product to product. One thing to note is that water resistance is not the same as waterproofing, you need to stay away from fixtures that say there is no water.

5. Heat-Resistant Panels

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle before, you’ll find that the exhaust and engine are located near your legs and thighs. If it gets close to a comfortable level, it can damage the rainwater irrevocably. With this in mind, many companies have used heat-resistant sheets in weak areas to protect your feet and the application itself.

However, there is a lot of rain without them and it is destructive. The omissions of these important elements indicate that the product does not meet the required standards. Therefore, it is better to avoid this type of product.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

Table of Contents

1. Nelson-Rigg AS – 3000

Nelson-Rigg AS-3000 - best motorcycle rain gears

The high-quality product with the best performance is the Nelson-Rigg AS-3000. As a result, it has the perfect 5-star logo on Amazon. However, it does come with color options that can make interested people choose.

The raincoat is made of nylon polyester and you’ll find a soft velvet covering for air circulation. The back also has a ventilator to ensure you don’t sweat. There is an automatic brace on the wrist, flexible adjustment in the ankle area to prevent infiltration.

Riders will also receive three waterproof bags and a jacket for storing some essential items. In addition, the thighs and inner legs have heat protection on the bike. Another part that is not difficult to find in other parts is the sliding bar in the buttocks area. This prevents them from slipping on the saddle in humid conditions.

2. Wicked Stock One-Piece Rain Suit

Wicked Stock One-Piece Rain Suit - best motorcycle rain gear 2021

A Best Motorcycle Rain Gears covers you up to your whole body. It comes in a color that is fluorescent green intended for use by racing or motorcycle owners. However, there are many sizes.

Many workers have complained that the team uniform is hard to wear, but this will not be a problem with the Wicked Stock rain suit. By using diagonal zippers, the company has solved the problem.

The clothes are also very generous so you have easy access to underwear. All garments are made of PVC. While excellent for water retention, we can not say the same about breathing.

Features include long-lasting industrial-quality wind turbines, variable volume, and flexible fabric.

However, there is no elastic or velcro on the wrist or ankle. Instead, you get a gusset at the leg cuffs. It also includes a large bag where you can store your essentials and protect them from the rain.

3. Scoyco RC01 Two-Piece Rain Suit

Scoyco RC01 Two-Piece Rain Suit - best motorcycle rain gear

Scoyco is a world-renowned motorcycle brand, so it’s no surprise that one of its products has reached the list. It is a double set of jackets with trousers and is also easy to store and wear.

Since it is designed for racing purposes, it will not be suitable if you have a helicopter or motorcycle on the go. The color scheme also shows that the machine is focused because it has a neon green screen.

The products are available in four different sizes depending on the person’s size and weight. The smallest is M, which is suitable for everyone under 170 cm, while the largest is for those over 180 cm tall and weigh 75 kg.

When we talk about the construction, it is made of polyester that can breathe and at the same time be waterproof. It also has a display section for sight and darkness. All in all, it deserves to be called the best rain motorcycle.

4. Tourmaster Elite 3

Tourmaster Elite 3 - motorcycle rain gear india

Elite Tourmaster is a super product from a well-known brand among riders. The products are always of high quality and we expect the same from them. It is available in 5 different color settings for different types of riders and can be used on all types of motorcyclists. However, it is only suitable for men and is not an accessory for unisex clothing.

The outer shell has a PVC layer for extra protection against water, while the inner is made of hard nylon. In addition, the water barrier just below the headphone area protects it from water leaks from the neck area. You also have velcro straps for the arms. However, this is what we are talking about when it comes to leak prevention.

For better air circulation, the company provided polyester mesh to increase air circulation throughout the body. In addition, there are high-quality reflective lines and triangular reflectors signed by the Tourmaster on the back for visibility at night. Overall, an excellent product that is also available at a reasonable price.

5. Joe Rocket RS2

Joe Rocket RS2 - best budget motorcycle rain gear

A two-piece raincoat specially designed for women, Joe Rocket’s RS2 model has been appreciated by women for a long time. It is also an expensive product and comes in many sizes. Also available in two color options. It is packed with features and a great bargain for any business.

RS2 outdoor polyester is made of polyester with the best waterproof protection and a PVC coating to make it more durable. There are also velcro cuffs for the wrists and collar to protect them from seepage. Breathing should be no problem, as the neck is softer. On the other hand, nylon is used to cover the road.

The amazing fact is that the company has installed anti-liquid panels in the area near the engine and pipes. This is rare for any product in this price range. Finally, a great product if you are a woman.

6. Helly Hansen Mandal Jacket

Helly Hansen Mandal Jacket - best cheap motorcycle rain gear

The Helly Hansen jacket is a multifunctional raincoat that can be used on motorcycles or for other leisure activities such as fishing, gardening in the rain … This product has a minimalist design but has many solid colors. to attract people. You can also choose from eleven different sizes, from XS to 6XL.

There are many features that set this jacket apart from the rest. First, it is certified completely waterproof and certified EN-343. Certification does not ensure water penetration through openings and seams, performs rigorous testing.

In addition, the cap is fully adjustable and you can use it depending on the situation. In addition, storm screens are available for extra protection. Plus, if you need to hide your important items right away, you’ll find large cargo pockets around the jacket.

By the way, it weighs only 410 grams, which is less than a kilo. PVC material that allows it to be lightweight. However, you will not find that breath like a motorcycle raincoat. There is also no reflective strip.

7. Columbia Men’s Glennaker

 Columbia Men’s Glennaker- what is the best motorcycle rain gear
Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

The Columbia raincoat we are talking about here is one of the most popular in its niche. The reason for this is the high quality it carries. It comes in a variety of sizes for men of any body shape, and you’ll also have a variety of color options.

There are two materials used mainly in its construction. One of them is nylon for the outer layer, while polyester is used for the lining. The use of these components also makes it machine washable. Additional features that increase usability are an adjustable cuff, a zippered pocket for rain protection, and a hood that can be hidden when not in use.

The unique feature of this jacket is the Omni shield of Columbia. Very useful for keeping coats free of stains or dirt. Therefore, if you are looking for a raincoat set, this is the best motorcycle rain gears you can buy.

8. Milwaukee Performance Water Resistant Rain Suit 

Milwaukee Performance Water Resistant Rain Suit - best rain gear for motorcycle
Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

This is one of the Best Motorcycle Rain Gears. For starters, it’s available in three colors – orange, neon green, and plain black.

With this product, you also get standard sizes. In terms of specs, not the best motorcycle raincoat you can get at this price.

The features of this rain suit are all you need in the best motorcycle rain gears. It is completely waterproof due to the high-quality materials and features generous reflective stripes on the front and back.

In addition, on the thighs and legs, there are heat-resistant plates to prevent engine heat. Finally, get a non-slip material on the bottom to prevent slipping on the seat.

9. Tourmaster Defender 2.0 Two-Piece Rain Suit

 Tourmaster Defender 2.0 Two-Piece Rain Suit - best lightweight motorcycle rain gear
Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

Two-piece Tourmaster Defender 2.0 rainwear is another outstanding rainwear on the market. Many motorcyclists love this device because of its excellent design and functionality. This best motorcycle rain gears set is designed with a waterproof nylon capsule to help limit water. You can walk for hours in the rain in this dress without getting wet.

In addition to fluid retention, this garment is designed to provide maximum comfort in the rain. It keeps you warm and makes sure you do not catch a cold. It has a narrow seam structure that helps prevent water leakage.

The device also has a hood under the headphones, a strap that provides a personal fit. It also promotes proper airflow due to ventilators under the arm. Be careful not to sweat in your clothes. It is designed to keep you dry for several hours, even in the rain.

It also provides reflective stripes for night vision. Every driver who approaches you will see their super-bright spotlight. Available in four different colors and six different sizes (from X to small, up to XX size). It fits comfortably while the sleeves are flexible enough to control the bike freely and easily.

10. Olympia New Horizon Rain Jacket

 Olympia New Horizon Rain Jacket - best motorcycle rain gear for the money Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

The Olympia New Horizon raincoat has been tested in the beautiful yet wet Blue Ridge Mountains and is designed to keep you dry, even in heavy rain. The New Horizon jacket is made of lightweight, waterproof and breathable nylon and offers ergonomics and adjustment at the waist and hips to prevent wind resistance such as speed. The included hood is designed to slide under your helmet and almost completely remove wet weather from your jacket.

In case of bad weather, the New Horizon jacket packs well in your own bag and can easily be stowed away for your next wet weather adventure.


We now come to the end of our in-depth article on Best Motorcycle Rain Gears. The article covered everything – from why precipitation matters while riding to factors to keep in mind before buying the best products on the market. The product itself is very different, uses, goods, properties, etc.

If you are still confused about which product to buy, do not be shy as we have already received it. Let’s start with umbrellas suitable for racing and touring bikes. There are many in this category, but we think the best is Scoyco umbrellas, ILM motorcycle raincoats, and Wicked Stock.

If you are looking for a cheap best motorcycle rain gears raincoat, you will not go wrong with Coleman PVC / Nylon raincoat or the result. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on raincoats, Tourmaster, Columbia and Nelson-Rigg raincoats will be great choices.

If you are a racer looking for rainwear for women or unisex designs, there are several options to choose from. An HWK raincoat for women would be the ultimate. Other clothes you can think of are Joe Rocket and M-Boss raincoats.

How Should I Take Care Of My Rain Suit?

Rain items should be washed by hand regularly and stored in the sun. Cleaning and drying the machine can cause the wall covering image to come off.

Which One Is Better? One Piece or Two Piece Suits

It is everyone’s decision. If you want the best rain protection, a single piece of clothing is provided. Anyway, if you want comfort, then two coats would be perfect.

How Can I Measure Myself For Rain Gear?

Rain Gears  are removed by rainwater machines. And you have to look for big differences. You will need different sizes in summer and winter because you are doing the same bike a second time. So buy more weights for your great nature. For clarity, measure your shoulders and hips and use a well -measured figure