best action camera in 2021

Best Action Cameras: High-Quality Features

The best camera offer stable 4K or 5K video, action sensors, face detection, auto-editing, and Many more.

You might think that the list of the best cameras is GoPro, GoPro, GoPro. But this is not the case! While the heroes control the camera, you will find in our guide what represents the best GoPro camera, there are many amazing cameras out there with many different styles available. Many of them are also cheaper than retailers, so those who want to save money should consider their options.

With all of this, if you’re looking for the best cam you can buy right now – a spoiler – we think it’s actually a GoPro Hero 9 Black. This small miracle can record 5K videos at 30fps and is also waterproof up to 10m. Get a seal in front of one of the most competitive, DJI Osmo Action, and it has a perfect weather front for campers, making it easier than ever to line up to record yourself and create awesome content for social networks on YouTube.

DJI is not the only one here. There are many options in this market and in other areas like the best 360 cameras and Insta360 cameras that can shoot in camera mode! The company is now upgrading the Insta360 One R Twin Edition unit, which includes a built-in camera unit in the 360 ​​unit.

Best Action Cameras

The point is, the best action camera for most users will be different! Whether you want the highest resolution, the best water resistance, the hardest shockproof seal, or simply the lowest price, there are many options. So it’s good to have a good guide to the best action cameras available so you can make an informed choice.

We searched the internet for our favorite brands. When choosing, we consider all types of items, including price, to make sure you get the most money. We’re not taking out a room we don’t think is worth buying.

When choosing photos, you can also consult our guide for the best vlogging camera. On the other hand, we have a list of underwater cameras for those who like more underwater photos.

But in the meantime, let’s get to the top of our room now. If you choose a GoPro, make sure you have the best GoPro programs.

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List of Best Action Cameras

1. GoPro Hero 11 Black

The ultimate action camera – and now even better grades

best gopro action camera hero 9
5K video:up to 30fps
4K video:up to 60fps
1080 video:up to 240fps
720 video:up to 240fps
Stills resolution:20MP
Battery life:1-3hrs estimate
  • Front-facing screen
  • 20MP photos  
  • 14.7 MP grabs from video
  • Larger physical size than other GoPros
  • 5K video takes up a lot of memory

If you want the best action camera, this must be GoPro’s latest flagship. It’s true that the brand’s first vlog-style action camera with a front screen isn’t for everyone, but here, too, it comes to the fore with a 5K resolution.

Even if you don’t want to shoot a 5K video, this new sensor lets you shoot 14.7 MP 5K video as well as 20 MP stills. It has a larger 2.27-inch screen than the GoPro Hero8, super-smooth Hypersmooth 3.0 video stabilization, TimeWarp 3.0 for manual time adjustments, a travel bag, and the upcoming Max Lens Mod accessory that offers features GoPro Max-style features like 360 ​​Horizons. Ultra-wide 155º SuperView Max mode and lock.

2. Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

A unique proposition of both 4K and 360 action cams

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition
Weight:130.5 g
Dimensions:72 x 48 x 32.4 mm
Waterproof:16 feet
Video resolution:5.7K
Mount:Bespoke mounting bracket
Stills resolution:Not specified
Battery life:Not specified
  • 4K and 360º lens options
  • RAW photos and 100mbps video
  • Optional 1-inch action cam mod
  • Small-ish touchscreen

Launched in early 2020, the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is indeed a very attractive proposition, as it can be used both as an action and as a 360-degree camera. It’s basically called “Twin Edition” because it has two cameras in one, it comes with two lens modules that easily switch between lenses. One turns it into a 4K live-action camera, the other offers 360-degree shooting and has plenty of extras, including 5-meter water resistance (expandable with a Special case). AI-based algorithms span a wide variety of shooting modes, and the auto-frame mode is particularly great, automatically finding and choosing action in 360 videos. You also get a 1-inch Leica camera that offers another option – you can replace the 360 ​​modules with a high-quality action camera. The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is a great choice if you want to take action shots in all directions.

3. SJCAM SJ8 Pro

A great-value 4K action camera offering surprisingly high-quality footage

4K video:up to 60fps
1080 video:up to 120fps
720 video:up to 240fps
Stills resolution:12MP
Battery life:90 mins
  • Stabilized 4K footage
  • High-quality touchscreen
  • Clunky waterproof housing
  • Basic smartphone app

SJCAM SJ8 Pro receives more than a few signals from GoPro and offers many features of the high-quality Hero camera, but at a much more affordable price. Not only does it have a 4K frame at 60p, but it also benefits from six-axis image stability, which is very useful in action-packed situations. The standard GoPro mount allows you to connect the SJ8 to just about anything you can set it to and also has some pretty slow motion when you lower the resolution to 1080p or 720p. The waterproof case is a bit awkward to use, with a handle locking device that can be difficult to work with, but it is definitely the best action camera at this price.

4. GoPro Hero8 Black

A great value and smaller, lighter alternative to GoPro’s new flagship

 GoPro Hero8 Black
4K video:up to 60fps
1080 video:up to 240fps
720 video:up to 240fps
Stills resolution:12MP
Battery life:1-3hrs estimate
  • Super image stabilization
  • Crisp, smooth 4K video
  • Built-in accessory mounts
  • The screen is smaller than DJI

It’s no longer the flagship GoPro, but if you don’t need a 5K screen or a front-facing screen, a smaller, lighter GoPro from 2019 may come in handy.

The main difference from its predecessors is that it has folding legs, which means it gets a built-in tripod for the camera. And then you can add even more Hero8 Black to a series of beautifully designed new add-ons called Mods; we love Display Mod, which adds another display perfect for vloggers (which is a built-in part of GoPro Hero9 Black). These additions will cost you more, but with declining costs, the Hero8 Black seems like a good choice in terms of an excellent 4K video and an excellent image stabilization system.

5. DJI Osmo Action

DJI’s entry in the action cam market brings a front-facing selfie screen

DJI Osmo Action
4K video:up to 60fps
1080 video:up to 240fps
720 video:up to 240fps
Stills resolution:12MP
Battery life:1-2.25hrs (est)
  • The front color LCD monitor is great for vlogging
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Doesn’t have all the accessory options of the GoPro range
  • The app needs some work

DJI is best known for producing the best drones (and to a lesser extent its manual propeller stabilizer), but with the advent of Osmo Action, it has turned its attention to the action camera market. It looks and feels like a direct competitor to the GoPro Hero7 Black – and does a great job of driving GoPro for the money. I especially like the addition of the front color LCD screen – it’s one of the best action cameras for self-portraits and registration.

6. Sony RX0 Mark II

The RX0 Mark II gets much needed internal 4K recording

Sony RX0 Mark II
4K video:30p
1080 video:up to 1000fps
720 video:up to 1000fps
Stills resolution:15.3MP
Battery life:60 mins
  • Large Exmor 1-inch sensor
  • Super-slow motion available
  • Front-facing selfie/vlogging screen
  • Very expensive

The Sony RX0 II is expensive but comes with features that make it worth considering. Being able to take a short video sequence at up to 1,000 frames per second is one of them – you certainly can’t do that with GoPro. And while the RX0 is only capable of 4K UHD recording for external recorders, the RX0 Mark II can record 4K internally (and on time as well).

The 1-inch sensor produces beautiful images, whether taking photos or videos, which extends the camera’s operation in low light and provides a beautiful dynamic range. Of course, it is an expensive purchase, but if you need beautiful pictures in slow motion, then there is nothing better and you are looking for the best image quality above all, this is one of the best camcorders available. The best course of action right now. The Sony RX0 II also has a foldable screen on the front that makes it much more effective as a premium tool for creating blogs and content.

7. GoPro Hero7 Black

2018’s flagship remains worth investigating for handheld time-lapses

GoPro Hero7 Black
4K video:60p
1080 video:up to 240fps
720 video:up to 240fps
Stills resolution:12MP
Battery life:1-3hrs estimate
  • HyperSmooth feature
  • Great quality 4K video
  • The screen can be unresponsive
  • Voice commands need work
  • Easily mount with any helmet

GoPro Hero7 Black is the action camera that gave us HyperSmooth, a video stabilization system so good that it opens new creative possibilities. Shake Buster works even up to 4K 60fps. Those who use a gimbal on the GoPro can cut it because HyperSmooth even offers a portable video look. But it also gives rise to new opportunities; hands-free video TimeLapse. Named TimeWarp, Hero7 Black’s 2 GB of memory allows you to use HyperSmooth for portable shooting time. In addition to this constant return, Hero7 Black offers an excellent dynamic range, SuperPhoto, and 12 separate voice commands. However, the new and additional features of the two recent GoPros are missing.

 8. Akaso EK7000

One of the best-value action cameras around

 Akaso EK7000
4K video:25p
1080 video:up to 60fps
720 video:up to 120fps
Stills resolution:Not specified
Battery life:90 mins
  • Incredibly affordable
  • 16MP still images 
  • Audio not amazing
  • No stabilization

Akaso EK7000 may seem too good to be true: a 4K action camera at such a low price? But he really does do what he publishes and his recordings are usually very good. There are some compromises when you get room for action at a price like this; perhaps the most obvious is that you are not getting the top stabilization that comes with GoPro and DJI action cameras these days. This means the videos will be even more fun, especially if you like extreme sports. Although it is waterproof to 30 m with the house, it does not dampen the already incredible sound, so you need to pay attention to it. It does not reach the same quality standards as the GoPro, but for the price it is a very powerful set.