Top 10 Best Motorcycle Tail Bag for Long Safe rides

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Tail Bag for Extra Storage

The best motorcycle tail bags are placed on the back seat of a motorcycle, where you can store and secure small items (phone, charger, helmet) while traveling.

If you are moving into the city or planning a trip in the fresh air, these bags are the best equipment for carrying food and water. Some motorbikes have an extra section for carrying extra luggage. However, not all bikes have this feature. So you need a luggage bag at the tailgate of your motorbike for travel.

As the name implies, this bag fits perfectly on the back of a motorcycle. You can easily install it. Some bags have a solid base and others are easy to remove. They do not cause disturbances during movement and perfectly balance body weight.

These bags are available in various sizes to fit any motorcycle. You can choose a large, medium, or small bag depending on your needs. Their attractive design made of high-quality materials is suitable for heavy loads. They are waterproof and usually work for a long time.

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List of the 10 Best Motorcycle Tail Bag

  1. Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond
  2. OGIO Stealth Black Duffle Tail Bag
  3. Nelson Rigg Commuter Touring Tail Bag
  4. Saddlemen 3515-0075 Deluxe Roll Bag
  5. GIVI EA115BK Rear Seat Bags

1. Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond

best motorcycle tail bag uk
best motorcycle tail bags 2021

Kuryakyn motorcycle backpack is the best quality material. It has 1200 denier textile, UV radiation resistant construction with weather resistance. It comes with a set of quick-release straps with D-rings. The bag makes it possible to collect different chains in a simple and safe way.

This bag has 2 different compartments, some outer compartments, and some outer compartments. In addition, there are also net pockets with zippers, outerwear, rollers, or other types of storage for the elastic on the outside. Install and remove quickly as needed without prior expert assistance.

This product has a rain cover with a shoulder strap. Both are easy to transport. For most motorcycle passenger seats (requires four points) and luggage (approximately 18 “x 12” x 15.5.)

You can go home using this very versatile Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond motorcycle bag. Kits with straps and multiple D-rings are available for multiple uses. These belts offer many convenient and reliable mounting options.

Built-in functions create modular MOLLE attachment settings (module download). The design is made of 1,200 denarii fabrics that retain the unbreakable shape of the design. The material is resistant to ultraviolet light and weather conditions. The bag has enough internal storage to store everything you need for weekend trips or interstate adventures.


  • The size of the bag is much large and provides enough space for storage.
  • High-quality material and durable.
  • Specially designed to maintain weight balance.


  • The top strap has problems with sissy bars in standard length.

2. OGIO Stealth Black Duffle Tail Bag

best motorcycle tail bag review
best motorcycle rear bag

The best tail bag from OGIO is a unique and well-designed motorcycle bag. The straps hold the bag firmly and the best non-slip pad on the bottom of the bag works well. The bag is easily adjustable so that it can hold a few things. The straps stay on the bike without creating any obstacles.

There is a rain hood for protection against the weather. The excellent mounting system ensures the perfect weight balance while driving. The OGIO Stealth Tail bag has an expandable volume of approximately 240 inches³. It has a premium design with a neoprene non-slip pad to protect the exterior paint.

The OGIO’s back pocket weighs 2 pounds, with a capacity of 1,274 inches. It contains several compartments for the separate placement of different items. There are several side pockets for water bottles and small accessories. A smoother ride thanks to a streamlined design that provides a more comfortable airflow.


  • The bottom line suits nicely and is of excellent quality.
  • Perfectly fits all the motorcycles.
  • Very versatile with plenty of storage.


  • The bag is of average size and is not suitable for long trips.

3. Nelson Rigg Commuter Touring Tail Bag

best waterproof motorcycle tail bag
best small motorcycle tail bag

This Nelson Rigg product has the best design and beautiful design. The bonnet is semi-rigid with an inner pocket that replaces the tail bag behind the motorcycle.

If you need more space, you can quickly download and open a portion of the link to get more space. When you do not need more space, the zipper quickly attaches to the zipper to keep everything in order.

It is an excellent material in the fabric that provides complete protection against ultraviolet radiation. Elastic bands help with quality improvement. In the process you can lose 24.78 liters. You can increase it up to 33.04 liters capacity when you expand it. The bag expands easily and has a secure compartment.


  • Premium-quality zippers and zip pullers
  • Stretch on waterproof rain cover for protection against water and rain.
  • Extra-large volume to carry overnight clothes.


  • Straps are too long for small motorcycles to perfectly fit the bag.

4. Saddlemen 3515-0075 Deluxe Roll Bag

best adventure motorcycle tail bag
motorcycle tail bag india

The Saddlemen Motorcycle tail backpack is a lovely looking best tail bag. Seems to do well. High quality zippers and various D-rings are available to secure items to the bag.

This backpack stays in shape even when empty. The included straps work well and give the package a nice, clean look. The bag weighed three pounds, was rigid and uncompromising.

This is a living room sleeping bag or a soft sleeping bag. It will be more than enough to serve as a training bag. The suspension makes it easier to get out of the car. It only takes a minute to secure the bag by pulling the cable through one or two D-rings and attaching it to a rail or frame.

In terms of storage space, there is a large main compartment and two smaller compartments on each side. All three have pockets to keep things in order. The main compartment has a large mesh pocket for rain protection. However, you can put a few other things into it without actually sacrificing main compartment storage.

There is enough space to place two helmets next to each other in the main compartment.


  • Easy mountings and universal fit
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Expandable zipper compartments for extra storage capacity


  • Side compartments are not huge, but you can hold a lot of small items and keep them organized.

5. GIVI EA115BK Rear Seat Bags

best tail bag for adventure motorcycle
best givi adventure motorcycle tail bag

GIVI is the best motorcycle tail bags in motorcycle luggage accessions. GIVI tail bag suits well on the back seat of the passenger of motorcycles. It has got nice best tie-down loops and bungee cords under the bench. 

The 40-liter pack is more than wide enough for traveling results. You can mount or removed this bag easily. 

It is suitable in all conditions on and off the road and all-weather. 

Essentially, this is a dry-bag for motorcycle riding. It has a perfect tie-down spot to suit the bike.

GIVI Tail bag is of High-quality PVC material for added durability.

The bag has a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The bag weighs only 2.2 pounds.


  • It has an excellent water-resistant characteristic.
  • Elastic straps provide the best tight grip.
  • Can be fitted on all motorcycles.


  • It does not have side pockets.