Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

The Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket Review

Furygan consistently produces clothing emphasizing safety, comfort, and style, combining cutting-edge technologies, outstanding design, and a profound understanding of rider requirements. It makes it a trusted option among motorcycle riders looking for top-notch gear for their adventures on the road or track. In this post, we will review the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket.

Since its founding in 1969, the well-known French company Furygan has been at the forefront of creating and producing premium motorcycle clothing and accessories. Furygan has earned a reputation for excellence in motorcycle protection thanks to its rich history and enthusiasm for innovation. It offers a variety of solutions that meet the various needs of riders all around the world.

About the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo jacket 

Furygan Speed Mesh Evo jacket 
Furygan Speed Mesh Evo jacket 

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1. Design

The Furygan Speed Mesh jacket lives up to its name, providing a dynamic and sporty design that effectively mixes the coziness of mesh with the protective qualities of leather. Cowhide panels are strategically placed on the back, shoulders, elbows, and other sensitive places for greater impact and abrasion resistance. These enhanced areas add to the jacket’s overall durability while giving peace of mind.

The Speed Mesh jacket uses 3D mesh fabric in different places to improve airflow and range of motion. This ground-breaking material encourages the best airflow, enabling adequate ventilation during hot rides, particularly in our typically warm climate. A wide range of motion is also made possible by the 3D mesh fabric, ensuring that you may move around easily and comfortably while taking pleasure in the thrill of your sporty riding style.

The Speed Mesh jacket has a sporty cut reminiscent of a racing suit in terms of fashion. Its form-fitting design improves aerodynamics and draws attention to your body. The jacket’s modest appearance lends it a touch of refinement and makes it appropriate for riders of many styles of street bikes. The Speed Mesh jacket flawlessly completes your overall appearance whether you ride a sportbike, a naked bike, or a cruiser.

While the jacket may appear a little bit bulkier and heavier than lighter mesh jackets, it is clear that these characteristics were purposefully added to ensure the best level of protection. The sturdy design and use of premium materials that provide your safety on the road result in additional weight and volume. The Speed Mesh jacket can keep you safe during your thrilling journeys thanks to this unwavering commitment to protection.

2. Comfort and fit

As was already said, the Speed Mesh jacket has a sporty shape that inevitably produces a snug fit. The design of this jacket is intended to maximize protection and improve aerodynamic performance while you ride. Given our physical appearance, we discovered the jacket was exceptionally snug around the arms, providing a secure and form-fitting feeling. However, it fits perfectly across the chest and waist, making for a comfortable and well-fitting experience.

3. On the road

The Speed Mesh jacket is notably hotter than regular mesh jackets because it is primarily constructed of leather. It becomes especially clear in congested areas where heat can build up. If you gently open the zipper, you’ll feel a substantial rush of air, especially once you start moving. It’s vital to remember that it takes some time to break in and become more comfortable, just like with all leather jackets.

The snug fit can securely keep the jacket in place at fast speeds without flapping or disruption—close all the zippers and buckles for the best possible safety and aerodynamics.

4. Safety and technology

This is one of the best motorcycle jacket protection street jackets ever. It is certified as Class AA PPE and meets the most recent EN17092 standard, demonstrating its high level of protection. D3O protection on the shoulders and elbows of the jacket offers exceptional impact absorption. It has a designated pocket for an optional back protector for further protection.

Additionally, the jacket has pockets up front that may fit optional chest protectors, letting riders choose their preferred level of protection. Additionally, the Speed Mesh jacket is made to work with airbag vests. Notably, the shoulders include external protective shells that provide extra protection for critical impact zones. Overall, the Speed Mesh jacket succeeds in its goal of giving street motorcyclists excellent protection.

5. Price

The Speed Mesh jacket is expensive due to the high amount of protection it provides on the street. It’s crucial to understand that this jacket is not made for regular wear or casual riding. Instead, It is made to perform best on enthusiastic drives on winding roads, where its safety features may be truly appreciated.

The Speed Mesh jacket can even be used for light track workouts thanks to its sturdy design and safety certifications, provided you take precautions and don’t push the envelope too far. Even though it might not be the jacket you wear daily, it is a worthwhile purchase for riders looking for improved performance and protection on thrilling rides.


The Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket is justified by its many safety measures. Its Class AA PPE certification, which offers top-tier protection following industry requirements, is one of its distinct advantages. This accreditation alone is a big plus because it shows how committed to safety the jacket is.

Additionally, the attractive and athletic design of the Speed Mesh jacket boosts riders’ confidence and aesthetic appeal. The jacket’s combination of cutting-edge safety features and an attractive design is an enticing option for riders looking for both protection and style on their rides.

What is the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket?

The Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket is a motorcycle jacket designed for riders seeking a combination of protection, comfort, and breathability. It is manufactured by Furygan, a renowned brand in the motorcycle gear industry.

What materials is the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket made of?

The jacket is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and protection. It features a combination of abrasion-resistant mesh fabric and durable textile materials, along with reinforced areas in critical impact zones.

What are the key features of the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket?

The Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket offers several notable features, including:

Does the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket provide adequate protection?

Yes, the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket offers a level of protection suitable for motorcycle riding. It features CE-approved D3O protectors on the shoulders and elbows, which provide impact protection. Additionally, the jacket incorporates reinforced areas in critical zones to enhance abrasion resistance in the event of a fall or slide.