Stratum Gtx Jacket & Pants

Rev’it! Stratum Gtx Jacket & Pants Gear Review

The adventure-gear monolith is broken by REV’IT!, which incorporates a variety of influences from the world of four wheels. The design team handpicks innovative alternatives to ingrained conventions in everything from outdoor clothes to high-end sneakers. The Stratum GTX jacket & pants are the end product of that hard work.

The market for motorcycle gear nowadays is regulated by strict regulations. Similar to other race suits are race suits. All touring sets value the same all-seasonal adaptability. These well-known patterns are categorized as archetypes by REV’IT! The Dutch-based company believes the adventure-touring sector is one model needing an update.

New REV’IT! Stratum GTX Hacket & Pant Review

GTX Jacket & Pants

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1. Air of Superiority

Users can effortlessly remove the Stratum’s GTX top layer for maximum ventilation when the weather improves. The GTX jacket & pants allow for airflow while maintaining excellent abrasion resistance thanks to panels at the thighs and the brand’s own PWR mesh at the front and rear of the jacket. REV’IT takes safety precautions! Don’t end there either. Unlike conventional ADV sets that house impact protection in the outer layer, the Statum GTX inserts its Seesmart CE Level 2 limb and back armor into the form-fitting inner layer.

In the case of a crash, this strategy prevents the defenders from moving away from high-impact areas. With air flowing at the rate of a motocross jersey, it also provides more relief from the heat than its competitors who adhere to convention.

Its main drawback is the figure-hugging fit of the breathable yet protective inner layer. Simply put, the stretch material doesn’t give much room for creativity. However, if you can get over that vanity barrier, the Air Layer maintains the suit’s reputation for protection even as the temperature rises. As the temperature drops, the flagship gear just increases those protective actions.

 2. From the Cold

When faced with the coldest conditions, REV’IT! The Gore-Tex Shell is purposefully made to slip over the inner mesh layer easily. Each pant leg is spread out by zips along the outer seam, allowing the rider to wear the outer pants while still wearing their ADV boots. The Air Mesh jacket offers similar features, whose thumb loops keep the cuffs firm as the wearer puts their arms through the sleeves.

The Stratum has an entirely different appearance after being covered with the GTX layer. The detachable hood and storm collar highlight the jacket’s outdoor influences, while the sneaker soles patterns inspire the knee-protective print. The bottom and top resemble a trendy snowboarding suit more so than your standard adventure outfit. That resemblance shouldn’t be interpreted as a hefty silhouette, though.

3. Protection

REV’IT chooses the materials! Encourage that flexible performance without sacrificing security. The standard is 400D Gore-Tex panels at the seat, calves, and shins, as well as the jacket’s front, back, and arms. Strong Armacor Gore-Tex portions are added to high-impact and high-wear areas like the shoulders, biceps, and inner thighs, while 200D material lines the hood, storm collar, and lap.

The Stratum GTX is only given a near-AAA rating by the patchwork parka and pants, which add class B protection to the Air Mesh Layer’s AA CE certification.

4. Materials

The newest adventure-touring motorcycle jacket and pants set from REV’IT! is undoubtedly impressive but has minor flaws. The weather-resistant storm collar provides a complete defense against the incoming wind when both layers are present. A neck gaiter helped to reduce friction. However, not all riders may prefer such accessories.

Except for minor flaws like the tiny pockets on the front of the REV’IT! Stratum GTX pants and the absence of cuff straps or buttons to secure the multi-layer sleeves together, the Stratum GTX is constructed with premium materials, intelligent assembly, and a premium finish.


There is no getting around the cost of the Stratham GTX. However, REV’IT!’s GTX jacket & pants cutting-edge features and unmatched attention to detail support that high Price. Only the most dedicated adventurers can afford the stratospheric price of the Stratum GTX. Budget-conscious people need not worry; REV’IT! intends to incorporate cutting-edge technology into a new line of gear.


What is the REV’IT? Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear designed for?

The REV’IT! Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear is designed for motorcycle riders seeking a high-performance, versatile gear solution. It offers protection, comfort, and adaptability to various weather conditions.

Is the REV’IT! Is Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, the REV’IT! Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear is designed to handle diverse weather conditions. It features a GORE-TEX membrane that provides excellent waterproofing while allowing breathability. It also has removable thermal liners for insulation in colder climates and ample ventilation options for hot-weather riding.

How does the REV’IT! Does Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear perform in terms of protection and safety?

The REV’IT! Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear excels in terms of protection and safety. It incorporates CE-certified elbows, shoulders, and knees armor to safeguard against impacts. The abrasion-resistant outer shell provides excellent durability, and the reflective panels enhance visibility to other road users.

What are the key features of the REV’IT Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear?

The REV’IT! Stratum GTX Jacket & Pants gear boasts several notable features, including:
GORE-TEX membrane for waterproofing and breathability.
CE-certified armor in critical impact areas for enhanced protection.
Adjustable straps and closures for a customized fit.
Multiple ventilation options for temperature regulation.
Reflective panels for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
Compatibility with REV’IT! Connector HV vest for increased visibility.