Aether Divide Jacket and pant review

Aether Divide Jacket & Pants

Aether’s Divide Jacket and Pants are the ideal choice for motorcycle touring, especially the adventurous kind that includes wildly varying temperatures, rain, and riding conditions. Men’s and women’s clothes for motorcycling, snow sports, and other activities are produced by the small, high-end clothing firm Aether, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles. So, let’s start our review for Aether Divide Jacket and Pants.

Aether Divide Jacket and Pants Details 

Divide Motorcycle Jacket
Divide Motorcycle Pant

Abrasion-resistant nylon, a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane, and a highly breathable Gore Micro Grid Backer lining make up the three layers of the premium Gore-Tex Pro fabric that makes up the outer shell. To minimize wear while stand-up riding, all stitches are sealed, all zippers are waterproof, multiple layers of nylon fabric are used in impact zones, and leather panels are on the inner legs.

Stretchable sports mesh that encourages internal airflow lines the jacket and leggings. The CE Level 2 back protector and D3O CE Level 1 armor on the shoulders, elbows, chest, knees, and hips are also customizable.

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The Divide suit offers very little ventilation; the only vents are under the armpits and down both sides of the back; there are no vents on the pants. Nevertheless, it performs a great job of keeping out rain and wind. While seated on the bike, we managed to open the underarm vents, but we needed help to close them again. You’ll need to add your protected mid-layers on colder days.

When moving quickly, the jacket and pants provide enough space to avoid feeling tight or overly tight; the pants are surprisingly wide, given Aether’s fashion-forward sensibility. Although the fit isn’t as fitted as some of Dainese’s offerings, there isn’t enough additional fabric to create flapping while moving quickly. In addition to the leather panels on the inner thighs for extra grip, the lamb leather lining at the jacket collar gives the textile panels more weight.

Its appearance, comfort, and fit justify the Divide’s high price tag and level of attention to detail. The longer I wore it, the more we noticed how well-made the Divide was—from the snaps to the stitches to the zippers.

The jacket’s grip holes under the outer snaps, which make it simple to close with one hand, the soft lamb leather collar with an extendable neck gaiter to block wind and rain, the wind cuffs at the bottom and wrists of the jacket, the extra-wide belt loops on the pants, and the zippered gussets up the back of the calf that allow them to fit over large ADV/MX boots are just a few of the many handy details.

Plenty of pockets are included, including four exterior pockets on the jacket and six on the pants, all of which have waterproof zippers. The jacket also has a small internal pocket.

Aether states that the substance is rate-sensitive, meaning its viscosity varies in response to external forces. In other words, if you hit your knee against asphalt hard, the soft orange padding will instantly tighten and absorb more energy. The good news is that the padding is sufficiently flexible not to feel intrusive and to avoid pressure points while still providing decent impact protection in the event of an accidental fall. 

Aether Divide Jacket and Pants

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The Good:- Visually, Aether’s minimalist aesthetic pays off in spades: there are enough Velcro tab cinches on the jacket to ensure a tight fit, and there are no garishly contrasting exterior panels or obnoxious textures. They are miles ahead of their rivals, whose minimalist outerwear resembles motorcycle gear, thanks to their underlying flair.

Who it is for:- Long-distance motorcycle riders who choose style above functionality and are willing to pay more for a jacket and pair of pants with proper CE-certified protection and abrasion resistance.


Hardcore motorcycle touring and adventure touring gear is readily available from reputable clothing manufacturers, and these core labels have done a fantastic job merging layering, crash protection, and ventilation. Aether, a relatively new player in the market, puts some much-needed new life into the game by ditching the ugly visuals in favor of simple, attractive designs with a sense of comfort and usability.

The Divide jacket and Divide pants accomplish their intended tasks well, despite being more concerned with weatherproof design than general adaptability. It is all done without the social disadvantage of being aesthetically unappealing. We hope you like our Aether Divide Jacket and Pants review.