Care for and Maintain Your Motorcycle Gear

How to Care for and Maintain Your Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle riding equipment is essential since it protects you in case of collisions, but it’s also crucial to maintain your riding equipment. To increase its lifespan, it needs maintenance and care. You must remember the following things when you clean and maintain your motorcycle gear or return from a ride.

Clean Your Riding Gear

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The Right Way to Clean Your Riding Gear

1. Air it out

One of the most crucial duties to complete after a ride is this. All riding equipment must be arranged so air can freely move through it. It will remove all of the sweat from your equipment. It is crucial for accessories like gloves and boots because they typically have limited access to airflow. If you do not let your gear air out after rides, there is a potential that it could quickly begin to smell bad, requiring regular washing.

2. Wipe your helmet after each ride

All your gear needs to be air-dried, but the helmet takes more time. Use a soft cloth to clean off dirt and insects from the helmet’s exterior. Make use of a microfiber cloth to clean the visor. Use a little water to prevent spreading the of bugs around the visor’s face. If you do this after each ride, these tiny dust and bug flecks won’t stick to the surface of your helmet and will require less work to remove later.

3. Store in a dry place

It’s crucial to preserve your equipment properly after it has been air-dried. And when we refer to an appropriate location, we mean one that is dry and doesn’t have a lot of moisture in the air. If you’re serious about extending the lifespan of your riding equipment, opt for a cabinet with specific spaces for each piece. Keeping the cabinet ventilated is not a bad idea if you’re storing your equipment for just a day or two. If you plan to leave your equipment in storage for longer, try to keep the area dry.

 4. Washing your gear

 Most riding gear for motorcycles is washable. Most riding jackets, pants, gloves, and boots (except those made of leather) have a washable lining that can be removed from many helmets. Remember to remove the armor protection in all the items mentioned since they shouldn’t be cleaned. Wash your equipment by hand as well.

The rotating motion of the washing machine damages delicate components, like helmet liners, and erodes the stitching of more durable clothing, including jackets and riding pants. Once completely dry and free of any moisture, hang it up to dry in the shade and reinstall the armor protection. Although cleaning riding gear is advised, one should not go excessive. If you ride every day, you should wash your equipment once a month.

5. Leather gear routine

Compared to riding apparel made of textiles, your cleaning and maintenance riding gear routine will change slightly if you utilize leather-based riding gear. It is not advised to be washed, but you should continue to let it air out and keep it in a dry location. With leather, specific cleaners should be used before applying a coat of leather conditioner. It will ensure that your leathers remain in top condition for as long as possible.


Regular cleaning and inspection can help you identify any damages or wear and tear that may compromise the integrity of your gear. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing and storage to avoid damaging the material. 

By taking care of and maintaining your riding gear, you can ensure that it will continue to protect you and provide you with a comfortable riding experience for many years.


How often should I clean my motorcycle gear?

It’s recommended to clean your gear after every ride or as often as possible, especially if you’ve ridden in dirty or wet conditions.

Can I machine wash my motorcycle gear?

It depends on the type of gear you have. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your gear can be machine washed or requires hand washing

How should I store my motorcycle gear?

Store your gear in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing it in a damp or humid area, as this can cause mold or mildew to grow.

How do I remove stubborn stains or odors from my gear?

Use a specialized cleaning solution for motorcycle gear or baking soda or vinegar to remove stubborn stains or odors.