5 Best Klim Motorcycle Goggles

klim motorcycle goggles

Klim Edge Goggles

The Edge Goggles from Klim deliver the maximum field of view, optically correct lenses and tireless fog resistance. This "frameless" outrigger design creates massive viewports to help increase awareness and reduce visual fatigue.

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Klim Viper Pro Camo Off-Road Goggles

The Pro version of the Viper Goggles includes an improved 46mm strap with outriggers, as well as, Klim's AFI ventilation system. Additionally, the Pros include a roost/nose guard and a set of laminated tear-offs. 

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Klim Viper Illusion Off-Road Goggles

Klim's Viper Off-Road Goggles redefine the trail experience thanks to excellent optical clarity, the field of view, and fit.

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Klim Viper Snow Raid Goggles

The Klim Viper Goggle redefines the riding experience on the snow. The Viper is engineered to provide the best optical clarity, vision, field of view (F.O.V.) and fit experience. 

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Klim Edge Off-Road Goggles

The Edge Off-Road Goggle delivers a maximum field of view, undistorted optical perfection, and tireless fog resistance.most functional off-road goggles on the market today.

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