Yamaha R3 STD Price, Images, Mileage, Specs & Features

Yamaha R3 STD Engine 

The Yamaha R3 STD boasts a powerful 321 cc, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline twin-cylinder engine, delivering a dynamic blend of performance and efficiency. With 4 valves per cylinder, this advanced engine design contributes to the bike's responsive

Yamaha R3 STD Mileage and Fuel Tank

The Yamaha R3 STD has impressive mileage with a generous fuel capacity of 14.006 liters, offering riders an extended range for their journeys. This ample fuel tank ensures fewer stops for refueling, enhancing the bike's touring capabilities.

Yamaha R3 STD Electricals

The Yamaha R3 STD showcases advanced lighting technology with LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signal lamps, ensuring enhanced visibility and a modern aesthetic.

Yamaha R3 STD Tyres and Brakes

The Yamaha R3 STD is equipped with advanced safety features, including front and rear disc brakes with ABS Dual Channel for precise and controlled braking. It rides on stylish 17-inch wheels, with a front tyre size of 110/70 and a rear tyre size of 140/70, contributing to both performance and aesthetics.

The Yamaha R3 STD boasts a comprehensive digital instrument console, featuring a digital speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, and odometer for precise and modern ride information. Its split seat design enhances rider and pillion comfort while adding a sporty and dynamic appeal to the bike's aesthetics.

Yamaha R3 STD Features

The Yamaha R3 STD comes with a competitive price tag of 3.50 lakh, offering enthusiasts an affordable yet high-performance option in the sports bike category. With its blend of features and pricing, it presents a compelling choice for riders seeking a balance between performance and value.

Yamaha R3 STD Price

The Yamaha R3 STD has a manageable kerb weight of 170.097 kg, contributing to its agility and ease of handling on various riding conditions. This lightweight design enhances the bike's maneuverability and overall riding experience.

Yamaha R3 STD  Weight

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