Top 8 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Tips


Having the right gear is so obvious that we often overlook it. But as the saying goes, it’s essential to dress for success.

2. Don’t Ride Alone

don’t ride alone. The last thing you want is for something to happen to you or your motorcycle in the middle of nowhere with no one there to help.

3. Cover The Levers

This one is self-explanatory. Keeping a finger or two over the levers means that your reaction time will be that much faster if you need to respond to something

4. Adjust The Levers

If your bike doesn’t chances are the aftermarket can take care of that for you. Be sure to put the levers within easy reach of your fingers.

5. Learn to Turn

This is the part every new or inexperienced dirt or adventure rider wants to know first. Especially if you’re coming from a road or street background

6. Look Where You Want To Go

This is sage advice no matter what you ride. Look Where You Want To Go. Simple. Your body – and by extension, your motorcycle – will go in the direction you’re looking.

7. Keep the Front Light In Sand

The same goes for water crossings. Since you can’t see what’s in the water sometimes, keep the front light and give yourself the best chance to skim over obstacles

8. Use the Brakes

Despite popular advice, you definitely want to use the front brake to slow down and stop your adventure bike

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