Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle

Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle

Nowadays, we are seeing a trend of riding vlogs. Action cameras are becoming popular due to this trend. These cameras offer robust stability while capturing breakthrough views, even at high speed. Mounting an action camera on a motorcycle is the most challenging part. 

For installation, you can get help from experts. But if you want to mount an action camera on your motorcycle, read this guide. We will cover everything that requires a smooth installation. 

There are many places where you can mount an action camera to capture the best view during riding including the handlebar, helmet, suction cup, and chest mount. 

Mount Action Camera

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Mount Action Camera on Handlebar

Mounting an action camera is not a big task, you can do this by just following simple steps. These steps will help to tightly fit a camera to the bike’s handlebars, so you can record steady videos while you’re riding.

1. Purchase the Right Mount:

Purchase a handlebar mount that is compatible with your action camera model & handlebar. These mounts come with adjustable straps & guide to securely attach to the handlebars.

2. Choose the Mounting Location:

Decide where on the handlebars you want to mount the camera. This location allows you to capture the videos at the right angle that you want. 

3. Attach the Mount:

Place the mount on the selected spot and use the straps to secure it tightly, so that it will not move during high-speed rides. 

4. Secure the Camera:

Attach your action camera to the mount as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure it is firmly secured to prevent any wobbling or shifting.

5. Test the Setup:

Before hitting the road, test the camera setup by turning it on and checking the angle and stability. If any issues you feel, fix it quickly. 

Sometimes riders want to make their camera setup more stable. For that, they should use things like a rubber pad or a gimbal to reduce shaking. Don’t forget, that safety comes first when putting a camera on your motorcycle. Make sure the camera and mount don’t get in the way of your riding or distract you.

How to Mount Action Camera on Helmet

If you want to record stunning views of your riding, you can put a camera on your helmet. Helmet mount record offers you what you see while you’re riding. Here’s how to do it:

1. Get the right amount:

Find the right high-quality helmet mount made for action cameras. These mounts come with sticky straps that stick easily to the helmet.

2. Clean your helmet:

Before mounting a stick on the helmet, you need to clean your helmet. There should be no dirt or stuff – just a clean surface for a stronghold.

3. Decide where to want it:

Figure out where you want the camera on your helmet – top, side, or front. You can be considered the chin as the best place to mount a camera on a helmet. 

4. Stick on the mount:

Peel off the sticky part of the mount and stick it onto your helmet. Press it down firmly for a few seconds to make sure it sticks really well.

5. Put on the camera:

Once the mount is on, attach your action camera. Most mounts let you snap the camera on and off easily.

6. Set the angle:

Before you ride, adjust the camera angle so it catches what you want. Make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t move when you’re on the go.

A high-quality mount always comes with instructions that you must have to follow. Also, you have knowledge of the rules in your area about using cameras on motorcycles.

There are some special types of mounts also available that offer cool features like shaking protection or moveable arms for smoother videos.


Installation of action cameras on motorcycles is a thing that you can do yourself. You can easily mount it on your helmet, chest, handlebar, and suction cup. You have to purchase all different types of mounts as per requirement. When you purchase a mount for your motorcycle, you can see installation instructions there. Make sure to purchase a high-quality mount to ensure maximum stability and durability. 


Can I mount an action camera on any type of helmet?

The compatibility of mounting an action camera depends on the design of the helmet and the type of mount you have. Many action camera mounts are versatile with various helmet styles, but it’s essential to check if the mount fits securely without compromising the helmet’s integrity.

Are there any legal considerations when mounting a camera on a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, there are legal considerations that vary by location. Some places have rules about attaching accessories to helmets, and others may have restrictions on anything that obstructs the rider’s view. It’s crucial to check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

How can I minimize vibrations in my motorcycle camera footage?

To minimize vibrations, use a mount designed to absorb shocks, or consider additional accessories like rubber dampening pads or a gimbal. These features help to stabilize the camera and create smoother footage.

Can I use a chest mount for my action camera while riding a motorcycle?

Yes, you can use a chest mount for your action camera while riding a motorcycle. It offers a different perspective and captures your point of view. However, you have to make sure that the chest mount does not affect your riding experience. 

Are there any weather considerations for mounting an action camera on a motorcycle?

Many action cameras are designed to be weather-resistant, but it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications. Consider using protective cases or covers for your camera in adverse weather conditions to prevent damage from rain, dust, or extreme temperatures.