Motorcycle Riding Jeans

How To Choose The Best Perfect Jeans For Motorcycle Riding?

Riding pants are more preferable to wear rather than wearing jeans. But there are some of the jeans available with armor to provide you safety with quality. We find the most difficult part is to choose the perfect jeans for motorcycle riding. Because they are jeans not riding pants.

Why I am saying you to wear riding jeans because they give you a perfect look with protection. There are many things to consider when selecting riding jeans including the level of safety standards, jeans quality, fabric to choose, available brand, fitting, etc.

jeans for motorcycle riding

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We are not talking about wearing denim jeans, you should look for riding-specific jeans. Let’s find out.

Are jeans really good to wear for riding?

No doubt, wearing denim jeans will offer you a casual and stylish look. However, they are not good enough to resist friction and impact. Also, we can see these jeans will not offer heat protection during high-speed riding.

So, the regular jeans are not good for riding. But when i talked about riding jeans that are specially designed to give you complete protection during riding.

Riding jeans are crafted from special fabrics like Kevlar and abrasion-resistant fabrics. They will provide an additional layer of protection. They come with armor at key impactful areas such as knees, hips, and thighs.

What to Look for in Motorcycle Jeans

The combination of many things makes a perfect motorcycle pair of jeans. Let’s find out what to choose the perfect jeans

Material Matters

There are some of really good materials such as Kevlar, Cordura, or reinforced denim for crafting motorcycle jeans. These materials are durable, secure, and enhanced abrasion resistance.

Do not choose a regular denim. Make sure the material has only come from a good brand.

Protective Armor Inserts:

You should look for built-in armor inserts at critical areas such as knees and hips. These protective armors are important to get protection from falls and friction. 

They offer additional protection in case of impact and minimize the risk of injury.

Fit and Comfort:

Make sure your motorcycle jeans fit snugly but comfortably. A good fit not only makes you feel cozy during rides but also gives you the flexibility and freedom to move, which is super important for motorcycle lovers. 

So, when picking your jeans, focus on feeling just right – not too tight, not too loose – for a comfy and enjoyable riding experience.

Style and Aesthetics

The jeans’ style and fit depending on your choice. Motorcycle jeans will offer you great protection with style. This means you can stay safe while riding and still look good. Whether you like your jeans tight, loose, or somewhere in between, you can find everything here.

Heat Resistance

When we ride too fast, our bike’s engine produces too much heat. To minimize this heat, you should opt for jeans with heat-resistant properties. 

This is crucial in preventing the fabric from melting during friction or intense heat. This will help to reduce the risk of burns in case of a slide.

Brand Reputation

You should always go for a branded material or branded jeans. A trusted company will offer quality with a guarantee of the material.

Branded clothes are more durable, strong, and more worthy. Branded clothes are worth your money and will offer protection with comfort. They will craft design after testing too many things.


We can say, this is very important to choose the perfect jeans for motorcycle riding. We will make a great mistake if you are wearing regular denim jeans while riding. Riding jeans are a combination of high-quality fabric like Kevlar and Cordura with proactive armor. You should choose jeans that include heat protection, impact resistance, high-quality fabric, and more. You must go for a brand of jeans with at least a year of guarantee. Your jeans will suit your needs, and style.


How often should I replace my motorcycle-riding jeans?

Whenever you feel that your riding jeans do not look good, it is faded, damaged, and more. Also, if the protection parts (like where it’s toughened up) start to look thin or damaged. If you fall and they get torn, it’s time for a new pair.

Can I wash motorcycle jeans with armor inserts in a regular washing machine?

Yes, you can usually wash them in a machine. But first, you should remove your protective armor if they are removable. Check the label on your jeans for the best way to clean them so you don’t mess them up.

Are there waterproof motorcycle jeans available?

Yep, there are waterproof motorcycle jeans also available to enjoy riding in rainy weather. They can help you stay dry if you get caught in a bit of rain while riding.

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for motorcycle jeans?

No, it is very difficult to find eco-friendly motorcycle jeans. When a jeans is crafted, it produce lots of carbon emissions.

How do motorcycle jeans fare in hot weather? Are they breathable?

Yes, motorcycle jeans are breathable. Some of the major brands will offer breathable options in jeans. Go to a website like RevZilla to find a perfect pair of jeans.