The Top 15 Klim Motorcycle Gloves

15 Klim Motorcycle Gloves

Klim Rambler Gloves

Featuring subdued Poron protection and deerskin leather construction, the Rambler gloves are as comfortable as they are tough. 

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Klim Badlands GTX Gloves

Your hands are imperative when operating your motorcycle so it makes sense to kit out your mitts with the best features and materials.

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Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves

The Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves have a long list of features that make it a durable and functional glove for all types of weather.

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Klim Baja S4 Gloves

The Baja S4 Gloves come through with extensive venting and protection, perfect for the street or trail.

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Klim Induction Gloves

The Klim Induction Gloves are the ultimate hot-weather hand protection for street riders needing comfort and performance.

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Klim Dakar Gloves

Rounding out the Dakar Series, Klim's Dakar Glove is a highly durable, versatile, off-road riding glove built for aggressive riders. 

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Klim Inversion Insulated Gloves

Wanting a little more warmth in your Inversion Glove without sacrificing grip, breathability, and comfort?

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Klim Dakar Pro Gloves

The legendary Dakar Pro Glove has been refined and improved using rider feedback, building on the proven platform to make it even better.

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Klim Fusion Gloves

The Klim Fusion Gloves are the most insulated gloves in the Klim lineup and feature an internal baffle to let riders toggle between control feel and added warmth.

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Klim Marrakesh Gloves

Klim Marrakesh Gloves would be excellent for touring through Morocco during its driest season.

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Klim Hardanger HTD Long Gloves

From cold morning commutes to harsh weather touring, the Hardanger HTD Long Gloves will take your rides to new “lows” with an intuitive 3-level heating system.

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Klim Mojave Pro Gloves

The Klim Mojave Pro Gloves flow air to your hands while still providing abrasion resistance and impact protection.

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Klim Impact Gloves

 From the track to the race trailer to the shop, the Impact Gloves have your hands covered.

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Klim Versa Gloves

The women’s Versa Glove is Klim's lightweight, windproof glove for high-activity riding.

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Klim PowerXross Gloves

The short-cuff PowerXross Gloves with Gore-Tex and Gore Grip technology offer an impressive level of tactility for intense mountain riding.

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