Best HJC brand Motorcycle Helmets Review


HJC C70 Helmet

The HJC C70 Helmet is a fully-featured full-face helmet that respects your bank balance. The C70 is constructed.

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HJC RPHA 70 ST Carbon Helmet

The RPHA 70 ST Carbon Helmet improves upon the original RPHA 70 ST model by ditching the fiberglass composite shell and going with a complete carbon fiber shell instead.

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HJC CS-R3 Naviya Helmet

The HJC CS-R3 Helmet features adjustable ventilation and can it be upgraded with a variety of different face shield options down the road. Shield swaps are a breeze thanks to the tool-less design found on the CS-R3.  

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HJC RPHA 70 ST Helmet

Designed to bridge the gap between sport riding and touring, the HJC RPHA 70 Helmet meets the needs of riders who want both the lightweight performance.

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HJC i10 Strix Helmet

The HJC i10 Strix Helmet pushes the limits of a polycarbonate shell to create a full-face helmet with a light aerodynamic shell and a price tag that isn't too heavy either.

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HJC RPHA 70 ST Paika Helmet

A supreme sport-touring helmet designed for any ride from quick commutes to cross-country cruises.

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HJC F70 Carbon Helmet

What's the simplest way to make something great even better? Simple. Add lightness. 

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HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet

The RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet elevates above the already top-of-the-line RPHA 11 Pro by utilizing lightweight carbon fiber in the shell instead of fiberglass composite.

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HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carnage Helmet

The HJC RPHA 11 builds upon the hugely successful RPHA 10, creating an even more finely tuned helmet for sport and track-day enthusiasts.

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HJC i10 Robust Helmet

The Advanced Channeling Ventilation System directs air through the helmet to pull out hot air and moisture. 

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