10 Best Dainese Short Motorcycle Boots


Dainese York Air Shoes

The Dainese York Air Shoes are lightweight and stylish, yet still, provide protection for the urban motorcyclist. Rigid inserts along the ankle help keep your feet in place.

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Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Shoes

The Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Shoes are designed for urban riders who need a protective and stylish riding shoe that offers a waterproof/breathable D-WP lining and a CE-approved safety rating.

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Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Shoes

Darker is not only the name but the overall disposition of the Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex Shoes. This a departure from the pre-distressed urban footwear we have seen from Dainese thus far.

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Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Shoes

Bristling with race-grade protection and features, the Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Shoes are the direct descendant of Dainese's top-of-the-line race boots. Using a new type of foam padding.

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Dainese York D-WP Shoes

Your standard set of sneakers won't do anything to keep your feet dry in the rain or protect you when you're riding a motorcycle.

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Dainese Atipica Air Shoes

The Atipica Air Shoes are warm-weather riding shoes with an assertive urban vibe. The perforated leather upper is suede.

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Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Shoes

Wet socks are particularly egregious. The Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Shoes make it so you never have to experience wet socks again.

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Dainese Metropolis D-WP Shoes

An urban look with the added comfort to make any Italian exclaim "Mamma mia!", The Dainese Metropolis Shoes pack the moto protection you need.

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Dainese Dyno D1 Shoes

Taking many of the features found on the full-height race boots, the Dainese Dyno D1 Shoes are designed to give street riders increased protection mobility, and comfort over your run-of-the-mill Nikes.

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Dainese Energyca Air Shoes

For finesse on the foot controls, dexterity is key. The Dainese Energy Air Shoes tout a multi-grip sole and slender toebox that make shifting and braking a breeze.

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