Bike Riding: Best tips for beginners

 Which bike to start with

Most of the time, people are confused about choosing their first bike. The first bike should be of a small capacity: say 100-125cc bike, which is enough to start with, and one should ride it for at least 50,000 km.


Distance is the most important aspect of bike riding/safe riding. How much distance you can cover in a day depends on your riding experience, fitness level, road conditions, and terrain.

Group riding or Solo riding

Yes, this is a tricky question. Riding solo/safe riding and riding in a group are two different things. To begin with, start with solo rides. Group riding is quite different as it requires teamwork, speed synchronization, coordination, and patience, which you could acquire only after significant riding experience.

White Line

Safety Gears

They are the MOST crucial part of bike riding/safe riding. Yet, people say they don’t need any safety gear, including the helmet, most of the time. But it’s wrong as safety should be your top-most priority. Always remember, if you remain safe during crashes, you can ride again

Bike’s maintenance and DIY

Most people are ignorant about their bike’s maintenance. Yet, it is the most crucial part of long-distance and hassle-free bike riding/safe riding. Therefore, routine maintenance as specified in the user manual is a must.

Bike Riding/Safe Riding during the night

Riding at night must be avoided in the beginning. Experienced riders also find it very difficult to ride at night on some highways. It involves many risks such as unreadable or missing road signs: pedestrians, cattle & other animals.

Road safety

For every rider, road safety is of prime importance. However, especially in India, not many people know road safety. Therefore, following traffic rules such as: obeying traffic signals, following road signs, and speed limits are most important for the protection of the rider and his bike.