Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit Review

Do you have a desire for speed? Spidi makes a fantastic racing suit called the Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit for true speed devils. One-piece racing suits are excellent for racing, track days, high-speed riding, and days when you only want to ride the best lines and record the fastest times. As the name implies, this race/sports one-piece motorbike suit for men comprises a single piece.

 A one-piece racing suit is safer than a two-piece one because there is no chance that the top portion could separate from the bottom in a high-speed collision. This blog will discuss Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit Review.

Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit Details

The Spidi racing suits’ interactions with MotoGP racers during their “Winter Test” sessions inspired the EVO Race Suit. Spidi has patented the design of the detachable and movable Warrior Technology sliders found on the elbows of the EVO Race after teaming up with racers throughout the development phase.

The Spidi suit combines stretch and neoprene panels for comfort, promising flexibility of movement, style, and focus. Adjustable CE Level 1 elbow, shoulder, knee, and hip armor is also included in the protection. Options include Spidi’s Warrior chest and back armor.

An optional chest protection can fit in the front pocket, and a back protector can fit in the rear pocket. Although many riders wear separate back protection on the track, we would have preferred to see a CE-approved insert here. This price would have provided a complete package for someone like me to purchase their first set of leathers.

There are two pockets inside the leathers, one secured with poppers and the other, a larger pocket, which is wide and open with a vertical entry, is intended for stuffing your gloves into. However, you must be careful carrying anything while wearing riding gear.

It’s a helpful feature if you have a lot of time on the track, especially in hot climates. The back hump is built up to receive an optional Spidi hydration pack, with a retainer on the collar to guide the tube into your helmet.

When we move, we can feel the perforated leather panels at the waist, the sleeves, and the thighs. The ventilation is excellent; there are mesh vents at the shoulders.

Full mesh lining and 3D mesh on the rear of the Spidi Track Wind provide additional ventilation. It can be readily removed for cleaning because it is fastened in place with tiny Velcro patches and small zips. 


  • Whole grain 1.2-1.3mm thickness cowhide
  • High-Flow vents on shoulders and back
  • Removable mesh inner liner
  • Removable CE Level 1 Force Tech protectors on elbows and knees
  • Flex Tenax 6.6 nylon panels for a perfect fit
  • Removable CE Level 1 shoulder and fixed hip protectors
  • Accepts optional Warrior back and chest protectors (sold separately)
  • External knee and elbow sliders
  • Neoprene inserts on neck and wrist area
  • It can be equipped with a Hydrobak hydration system inside the racing hump
  • Meets certification for Pr En 17092-2: 2017 Class AAA protective riding garments
  • Leather tanned in Italy  

Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit Pros & Cons 

  • This Spidi track replica Evo race suit has AAA Certified.
  • This full racing suit is provided with CE Level 1 elbow, CE Level 1 shoulder, CE Level 1 hip, and CE Level 1 knee.

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Cowhide leather and polyester, the materials used to make this Spidi racing suit, offer the best protection. Because leather is regarded as tough and abrasion-resistant, cowhide leather is frequently utilized in all types of motorcycle clothing. This Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit will make you look sporty and quick.


How good is the Spidi Track Replica Evo Race Suit?

The Spidi Track Replenishment EVO Race Suit was inspired by Spidi’s interactions with MotoGP athletes during their “Winter Test” sessions. Spidi developed the unique Warrior Technology sliders found on the EVO Race’s elbows in close collaboration with racers throughout the development phase.

What Protection Used in This Suit?

This outfit comprises 1.2-1.3mm thick fine Italian cowhide leather. The EVO Race Suit provides flexibility of movement, style, and focus when stretch and neoprene panels are combined for comfort. Also included in the protection are adjustable CE Level 1 elbow, shoulder, knee, and hip armor.